Golfing Along Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

If you are aiming to level up your golf game, then you might as well work out for your championship groove at golf courses where several of the championship tournaments have been taking place. One of them is Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. History of Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Robert Trent … Read more


The big dog is the one club in the bag that golfers dream of smashing ever longer and straighter, as evidenced at nearly every driving range on the planet. So it begs the question: is there anything more anticipated in golf than the release of a new driver? Drivers tend to hog … Read more

Repairing and Maintaining a Golf Course: What’s Involved?

Repairing and Maintaining a Golf Course

Because of the amount of use a traditional golf course sees, it goes without saying that it requires maintenance and repairs on a regular basis.  Without these two things being completed, the course can become irreversibly damaged, and the surface of the course can deteriorate leading to poor playing conditions and further … Read more

Top 10 Golf Tournaments

Being a golf fan it is very much important to know the schedule of the upcoming tournaments and also the magnitude of those tournaments. Learn more about the basics of Golf Betting tips with full tournament analysis based on form and statistics. So here is the list of some of the renowned … Read more

Facts About Phil Mickelson

The USA has produced quite famous golfers over the years and likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is one of them. Phil Mickelson who is nicknamed as “lefty” aged 48 and plays professional golf with three major titles against his name out of four in his career. There are so many … Read more