Types of Golf Course Grass

Golf course

Golf course grass is commonly known as turfgrass. The grass used for golf courses is very tough and is fast repairing that can withstand much traffic. Golf course grasses differ from region to region based on their ability to withstand cold and hot weather conditions. There are other types of grasses that … Read more

Unique Golf Courses of the World

Lord Howe Golf Course

Anyone who loves golf and appreciates the game has created a bucket list of the golf courses they want to go to. There are many luxury golf resorts out there that offer many relaxing services other than playing golf, but for hardcore golfers, they want to try unique courses. If unconventional awesome … Read more

Golf Holes with Unusual Features

TPC Sawgrass’s 17th hole

Golf courses, unlike swimming pools and basketball courts, are like snowflakes – no two are the same. Golf is a refined and sophisticated sport, and the golf course is prestigious and unique. And while many golf courses have similar holes, similar features, and trademark designs, some beg to differ. Here are some … Read more

Golfing Along Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

If you are aiming to level up your golf game, then you might as well work out for your championship groove at golf courses where several of the championship tournaments have been taking place. One of them is Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. History of Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Robert Trent … Read more

Repairing and Maintaining a Golf Course: What’s Involved?

Repairing and Maintaining a Golf Course

Because of the amount of use a traditional golf course sees, it goes without saying that it requires maintenance and repairs on a regular basis.  Without these two things being completed, the course can become irreversibly damaged, and the surface of the course can deteriorate leading to poor playing conditions and further … Read more