The 3 Do’s And Don’ts Of Sports Betting Explained

Sports betting experts and enthusiasts will always recommend doing your research before laying down a single dollar of your money or dipping into your bankroll.  Where do you start looking for information on sports betting?  How do you know that the information provided and features that are being boasted about are legitimate and legal?  Anyone betting on sports in Canada should know the 3 Do’s And Don’ts of Sports Betting Explained, beginning with Foreign betting markets.


1. Bet In Foreign Betting Markets!

Unless you are being illegally threatened in some way with harm, there is no power on Earth great enough to force you to bet your money.  All sports bettors have control over how much to bankroll, what amount to wager, and pushing the “button” that transfers their money to bookmakers.

Foreign betting markets are not unique to being susceptible to corruption. They are, however, free from many regulations and legalities that domestic markets are obliged legally to abide by.  

As nobody can force you to bet, you are also free to research the foreign market that you are placing your sports bets in. Remember that higher margins in foreign markets might be appealing at first glance, but the bookie keeps more money in this case too.  

Canada is still trying to govern sports betting because it is newly legal in Canada.  The good news is that Canadian Law does not prevent Canadians from betting at offshore sportsbooks.

There are plenty of sportsbooks that Canadians can trust and while the government allows betting offshore, explore, for example, a Hungarian site that allows users in Hungary to explore several sports betting sites simultaneously. 

2. Pick One Sport To Bet On To Start!

A newcomer to the world of sports betting and an experienced sports bettor can each benefit from betting one sport.  Every year sports betting websites add enticing features to attract anyone willing to spend their money.

Why should a seasoned sports bettor consider betting on one sport?  For one thing, one sport or sporting event now has several things that bettors can make extra money from.  

Properly called a Prop bet, describes a bet made about things that will or will not happen during a game that do not directly affect the game’s final outcome.  Bettors can predict whether the player will get more, equal, or less, than what the sportsbooks forecast.  Prop bets can be made right in your seat from your cell phone, while other sports facilities offer designated areas to place your bets.  It is important to note the differences between game props and player props. Experts advise on “Player props”.  

3. DO Your Homework!

It is not illegal or terribly difficult for potential sports bettors to surf the internet for help before letting go of any money or personal information.  It does not have to be as complicated as studying Physics, find out basic things before the sporting event.  

Knowing who the key players, or who the favourites in Horse-racing are ahead of time can increase your odds of winning.  Betting on horse-racing can be tricky because a favourite to win based on wins, may be subject to circumstances that take their formidable advantage away. 


1. Bet On “Game Props”

A game prop is something that a sports bettor can wager on that can occur during the game but will not determine the final results.  A player prop has to do with what individual players do during a game or event that does not directly affect the final outcome.  

Most game props are made by eager-to-win bettors on a whim, sometimes without a clue as to what they are truly getting themselves into.  

Getting fair returns hardly ever come with game props and could lead to drastically draining your bankroll.  Whether a baseball game will go into extra innings or not, or which player is going to score the first basket in an NBA game, are fun to try and predict but the risk versus the reward of placing bets like these is too high for new sports bettors.  

2. Bet On Your Favourites

Having a personal favourite team, or athlete can be hard to ignore, but it is necessary to put feelings aside when it comes to laying down your bucks.  You have the power to control and resist your favourites influencing your decisions.  

Sometimes called “Heart-bets”, putting money on something strictly out of emotion has cost even the most astute of sports bettors large amounts of money.

3. Get Too Excited About Recent Trends

One of the biggest reasons why doing your homework is a necessity is how a winning streak does not necessarily make a team or player a favourite.  The team or player favoured may have been injured in the previous game.  Injuries are a major determinant on who will actually win or even participate in a match.  

Ironically with the increasing availability of access to athletes and teams through social media apps and personal devices, there is more secrecy disclosing injuries.  Teams in many professional sports are quite hesitant to give fully accurate injury reports at all or in a timely fashion out of a superstitious fear that the opponents can use it to their advantage.

Technology exists out in the universe that can help and hurt your finances.  Knowing where to turn and which sports betting sites to trust is a major part of the beginning stages.  Research can be the biggest difference between winning and losing.  Most people want to know what food they are eating, or what the side effects are of medication being prescribed to them.  Bettors on sports should show the same kind of care of their finances as they do their bodies.