Are Expensive Clubs Best?

Although around 60 million people in the world play golf, it is not exactly a game for the masses. Just look at the cost of the equipment, and you’ll be thrown off by how expensive they are. A set of clubs alone will amount to a few grand, while a single golf club alone will usually cost over a hundred dollars.

Why do golf clubs cost a lot? Here are the factors that come into play:

1. Marketing costs

One of the factors that drive the price of golf clubs is marketing.

Golf club manufacturers and companies pour thousands of dollars into various marketing campaigns such as television commercials during golf tournaments, print advertising, and online advertising. Because these companies invested so much into marketing, they need to recoup the money they have spent.

2. Materials

Another reason why premium golf clubs are expensive is the materials and labor that go into their manufacturing. Premium clubs are usually made of graphite, a metal that ensures their durability even after several swings. 

Graphite is light yet flexible, so these attributes contribute to the high-caliber strike on the golf ball. It will also enable the ball to fly farther. That is why graphite golf clubs are more expensive than steel clubs. However, steel is the more familiar material used in making golf clubs, that is why they are cheaper than graphite clubs.

But compared to graphite, steel does not feel light. That is the reason why manufacturers come with hybrid clubs made of both graphite and steel.

3. Durability

Another reason why premium golf clubs are expensive is that they are reputed to last for a long time. However, if you have played golf for a time, you’ll find out that this is not always true.

For example, drivers and woods tend to break sooner than expected. They usually last from two to seven years.

Luckily, irons and putters last longer compared to drivers an woods. They are expected to last from 10 to 15 years.

Steel golf clubs are the most durable metal for making golf clubs. They are also the most common material. But as said before, steel does not feel light, the reason why many manufacturers have introduced hybrid golf clubs into the marketplace.

Titanium is another material used in making golf clubs. It is light, which makes it easy to handle. But since this metal is scarcer than steel, it is often limited to making drivers.

If you are looking for the cheapest possible golf club, go for the ones made of steel. Or if you want to enjoy the benefits of graphite without breaking the bank, go for the hybrid type.

4. Profit for the companies

The manufacturing, as well as marketing sets of golf clubs, cost a lot, so companies need to recoup the money they have spent on them. As the usual practice with all manufacturing firms, golf club companies put a price markup so that they can make a profit. And the price markup, among all other factors, is what makes golf clubs so expensive.

5. The companies’ need to innovate

As the game of golf continues to evolve, so do the golf clubs. That is why golf club manufacturers have included certain features and altered designs for more improved performance. Those improvements will, of course, cause an increase in golf club prices.

6. Design and engineering factors

The design process and engineering can also make an impact on the price of golf clubs. Some golf clubs are complicated to make. Well, you might think, “they’re just golf clubs,” but you will be taken aback by how they were made.

Because of competition, golf club companies try to outdo each other by making their products the best among the rest. Many of the branded golf clubs have undergone meticulous and painstaking engineering and design to provide the best performance.

Are expensive golf clubs the best golf clubs?

The factors above are a few usual reasons why golf clubs are expensive. There are other factors behind the high cost of golf clubs: wealthy customers and a devoted and rapidly-growing fan base who will buy anything, even the pricier equipment.

But will expensive golf clubs deliver the best performance? Yes and no.

You should always remember that your successful performance as a golfer doesn’t rely on an expensive set of golf clubs. A good amount of time devoted to practicing your swings will help in improving your golf game. However, you do need to weigh the benefits of premium golf clubs against the cost of purchasing them. If expensive golf clubs improve your performance and enhance your golfing experience – and if you can afford them – then they’re going to be worth the cost.  Also make sure you look at other equipment options like rangefinders to help with your game.