How Can Playing Golf Help in Business?

Benefits of Golf in Business

Golf, a peaceful and relationship-building game, teaches us important life lessons like being determined, learning constantly, being honest, and achieving goals. These lessons, just like in the business world, help us become smarter in business. Business and golf go well together, and that’s why there are good reasons to try business golf. … Read more

A Guide to Golf Etiquette and Course Courtesy

golf etiquette

Are you starting to learn golf? Or perhaps uneasy in trying to perform well on the golf course?  Playing golf isn’t just about making great shots; it’s also about being respectful and considerate while you’re out on the course. Also, in the world of golf, there are the official rules that dictate … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Mini Golf and Regular Golf?


Golf is a world-renowned sport, originated in 1800’s in Scotland. Today, it is usually associated with elites in the society played in wide acres of green landscape. Due to the desire to provide a more accessible and compact version of traditional golf, its appeal has expanded to include enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. … Read more

The History and Evolution of Mini Golf

A set of new golf clubs on a beautiful golf course

Mini golf, also known as putt-putt, crazy golf, or mini putt, is a beloved American pastime that has a rich history. Its origins can be traced back to the early 20th century when the concept of miniature golf courses was first introduced.  Embarking on a fascinating journey through mini golf’s past is … Read more

A Guide to Nighttime Golfing on Camping Trips

A wideshot view of a golf course and obstacles at night time

Ever get bored of the usual camping trip activities? Admit it, even the most avid and prepared camper will eventually run out of new and exciting activities to do, especially when the sun goes down.  Well, here’s your answer: nighttime golfing! Yes, you can play golf on your camping trips. And yes, … Read more

The Oldest Golf Courses in the World

a golf course in front of an old English estate

While the exact beginnings of golf have faded into history, it’s widely acknowledged that the evolution of modern golf birthed in Scotland during the Middle Ages. There is evidence of games bearing striking resemblances to golf, with origins dating back to the late 13th century. Nevertheless, the version of the game upon … Read more

The Best Golf Courses Where You Can Go Camping

Father with son are walking at golf field

Embracing life’s little joys can bring a lot of happiness. Whether you’re enjoying time with your favorite people, going on exciting camping trips, or getting really good at golf! When you put all of these things together, it’s like creating a really cool, refreshing and greenery vacation. So, get ready to enjoy … Read more

Who are the Most Popular Golf Course Designers?

Green beautiful golf course

Have you ever wondered who brings this lush green of a golf course to life? The answer lies in the architects – the unsung heroes behind the scenes. These architects, like artists, have used their creativity to design the very places where golf stories unfold.  You might recognize a few of their … Read more