Features Not Needed in a Golf Bag

man carrying a golf bag

When you play golf, there are various things that you need to bring aside from the golf clubs and golf balls. This is why every golfer has a bag. Generally, golf bags are made of nylon, canvas, or other lightweight and waterproof materials that are specifically made for golfing. They are designed … Read more

What Materials Were Golf Clubs Made With Originally?

different golf clubs

Golf is one of the most interesting sports that you can play. It is also simple and involves only a few pieces of equipment for you to play. One of the most important that you need to have in order to play is a golf club, which is used to strike the … Read more

The Beginnings of the Lowly Golf Tee

wooden golf tees

Golf tees are probably the humblest equipment used in golf. It is among the supporting equipment in the sport yet is essential to most golfers. It is the implement that supports that golf ball, raising it above the ground when the ball is played from the teeing ground. On tee shots, golfers … Read more

What Do the Numbers on Golf Clubs Mean?

Golf is certainly not an easy sport. This game is played with lots of science, especially when it comes to finding or using the exact golf clubs that are fitting for each shot on the course. If you are an amateur or a newcomer to this type of sport, you may be … Read more

Why Should You Put Covers on Your Golf Clubs?

Golf club head covers

Those amateurs to the game of golf may be having a hard time thinking about different things surrounding the sport. From the unique game rules to the attire and the luxury of the game, newbies of the sport may find golf difficult. Putting a cover to the golf clubs may look like … Read more

How young is too young to start learning to play golf?

Child playing golf

Children are our most precious blessing. Every parent works hard for them. They want them to succeed in life, especially in their education, hobbies, and interests, while still young. Most parents who are into sports like golf cannot wait to teach their children from the moment they are born. However, it will … Read more

Golf can be a great sport for team building

Golf team

A strong team makes organizations succeed. While this will not happen overnight, there are specific ways that they can do for them to develop a strong team. Playing golf for team building is one of them. Golf is one of the perfect sports activities that business managers, CEOs, school leaders, and organizations … Read more

What qualities make for a great caddy?


A caddie does not stand idly next to a golf star. A caddie’s presence alone brings additional value to the golf sports and the player, whether professional or amateur.  A caddie does more aside from being a keeper of the golf bags. He is in charge of the things inside the golf … Read more