Can a Golf Mat Improve Your Game?

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In your own practice sessions, golf mats are undoubtedly a regular. Golf mats are much more common at the driving range these days. Since mat quality is improving, switching from turf to mat is a no-brainer. Additionally, turf tends to be more expensive to maintain. A mat might play a significant role … Read more

Should You Use One Brand of Golf Clubs?

Golf Clubs

Let’s be clear about one thing: golf clubs do not generally need to be of the same brand. It is more crucial to maintain consistency in other club aspects, including the shaft, length, and lie angle, rather than focusing on brand matching, which is an expensive approach. The primary consideration for all … Read more

Hybrid Golf Clubs, Their Differences, & When You Should Use Them

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A Brief Guide To Hybrid Golf Clubs & Their Uses The first company to ever make a hybrid club was Cobra Baffler, back in 1975. Since then, they have evolved to become what many golfers consider to be an essential part of their toolset. With an innovative design, sturdy modern materials and … Read more

A Look At How New Technology Is Transforming Golf In 2022

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Exploring The Latest Technology & Innovations In Golf  Though centuries old, the game of golf, like many popular sports, has experienced some of its biggest changes over the past 40 years. This is largely thanks to many new technologies, materials, and methods of manufacture, becoming steadily more available. Now, the marvels of … Read more

Make The Most of Your Golf Trip With These Helpful Tips

Make The Most of Your Golf Trip With These Helpful Tips

A golf trip can be a great way to spend some time with friends or family, enjoy some time outdoors, and improve your game. However, planning a golf trip can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. Still, if you take the time to consider your options and … Read more

Top 5 Golf Courses in Barcelona

Top 5 Golf Courses in Barcelona

Filled with the undeniable vibrancy and exquisite architecture of Spain, the magnificent city of Barcelona is an ever-popular vacation destination. Barcelona mixes the charm of the old continent with the convenience of modern life. As such, golf and Spanish culture blend beautifully in the area. In Barcelona, you will find a wide … Read more

What Make Jim Thorpe’s Golf Swing So Unusual?

Jim Thorpe playing golf

In the world of golf, there are lots of popular names, such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer, who are known to be among the greatest golfers of all time. In addition to that, there are also players who have become known in the sport not just because they are … Read more

Using the FairwayPro Golf Mat System to Practice at Home

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Just like in any game or sport, to get better at golf, you need to practice a lot. When you regularly practice golf, you can work on your short and long game and even on your putting. However, the struggle with this sport is that it can be challenging to find the … Read more