The Oldest Golf Courses in the World

a golf course in front of an old English estate

While the exact beginnings of golf have faded into history, it’s widely acknowledged that the evolution of modern golf birthed in Scotland during the Middle Ages. There is evidence of games bearing striking resemblances to golf, with origins dating back to the late 13th century. Nevertheless, the version of the game upon … Read more

Who are the Most Popular Golf Course Designers?

Green beautiful golf course

Have you ever wondered who brings this lush green of a golf course to life? The answer lies in the architects – the unsung heroes behind the scenes. These architects, like artists, have used their creativity to design the very places where golf stories unfold.  You might recognize a few of their … Read more

Top 5 Golf Courses in Barcelona

Top 5 Golf Courses in Barcelona

Filled with the undeniable vibrancy and exquisite architecture of Spain, the magnificent city of Barcelona is an ever-popular vacation destination. Barcelona mixes the charm of the old continent with the convenience of modern life. As such, golf and Spanish culture blend beautifully in the area. In Barcelona, you will find a wide … Read more

What Type of Grass is Best for Golf Courses?

golf ball in hole

In the game of golf, there are many factors that can affect the game, such as the clubs you use, the weather, and as well as the grass on the golf course. Specialists of grass are aware that different varieties have different effects. There are various types of grass for different climates. … Read more

Playing Golf in France

Playing Golf in France

When you ask Brits where they like to play golf outside of the UK, many of them respond in France. The reason is that it is easily accessible to them, even by car. In fact, once you have passed the thirty minutes it takes to cross the channel, there are only fifteen … Read more

What are the most famous golf courses in the world?

Countryside golf club

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Players and avid fans also have the best advantages in terms of the nature of the game.   They have the opportunities to go around to some of the best golf courses across the globe. Being in the most scenic golf course … Read more

How Golf Courses Keep Their Fairways Green

A Green Fairway 

Golf courses put a lot of effort into maintaining the playing fields and keeping them green and healthy year-round, no matter the weather. During different weathers, the golf course is at risk of being exposed to snow to being soaked to facing drought, which damages the grass, leaving the fairway dry and … Read more