Golf Tournaments Every Golfer Hopes to Participate In

Golf is an interesting thing to learn for a lot of people. Like in other sports, tournaments are also one of the important revenue drivers at golf courses for a lot of reasons. It’s because tournaments offer the thrill of competition to every golf player, which amplifies the importance of every shot in a way that a casual round cannot. Golf tournaments are nerve-wracking, and golfers desire those first tee butterflies and five-foot putts that are full of pressure. 

Based on about 57% of millennial golfers, socialization and events are an essential part of their golf experience. On the other hand, 84% of them say that they value golf for its competitive attributes, and they believe that running quality tournaments is important for long-term success in the golf industry. 

If you are into learning more about golf, you might also wonder what tournaments are available out there and which of those are the most important for golfers. If you have the same thoughts in mind, read on as we’re giving you a list of the golf tournaments every golfer hopes to participate in.

What is a Golf Tournament?

A golf tournament is where players compete either against one another or in teams. These are done across a plethora of scoring models and tee time arrangements. Some of the common golf tournament start formats include shotgun, standard, and crossover. 

  • Standard Start: In this type of start, each group begins at hole one. Starts occur at a predetermined interval, which is usually ten minutes. This kind of golf tournament start is best for more competitive individual games and smaller events. 
  • Shotgun Start: This one put one group on each hole to begin the round. For instance, one group would be on hole one, one on hole two, and so forth. With this, all tournaments start and end at the same time. This is great for larger groups.
  • Crossover Start: This is a combination of both standard and shotgun starts. The groups will start on holes 1 and 10 simultaneously. This is perfect for mid-sized groups of 40 to 56 players.

Top Tournaments Every Golfer Hopes to Join

The top tournaments in the world gather some of the best players, and they have also honed some of the most iconic golfers of all time, including Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Here are the top tournaments that every golfer hopes to participate in:

1. The Masters Tournament

This golf tournament is also referred to as the U.S. Masters. It is among the four major golf tournaments in the world. This tournament began in 1932, and it is one of the longest-running golf competitions in the world. Every year, this golf tournament is held in the Augusta National Golf Club, which is an infamous private golf course located in Georgia, United States. Originally, it was called the Augusta National Invitational Tournament. 

The Masters Tournament is very exciting as it is rooted in lots of traditions. For example, since 1949, the champion of the tournament has been given an elusive green jacket. A year after victory, the winner needs to return the jacket to the clubhouse. Back in 2019, the prize in the Masters Tournament was $11.5 million, and Tiger Woods got $2.07 million for winning the tournament. He also won five times in this tournament. Some of the other notable winners in this tournament include Jack Nicklaus with six championships and Andrew Palmer with four championships.

2. The U.S. Open

during the US Open 2018

Some people might think of tennis when they hear about this event. However, it is also among the most popular golf tournaments and one of the four major golf championships in the world. The U.S. Open has been around since 1895, making it a classic golf tournament. It is staged by the United States Golf Association, and it is usually held in mid-June. 

The very first U.S. Open was held at the Newport Country Club in Rhode Island, which is a nine-hole golf course. The winner was Horace Rawlins, who won $150 and a $50 worth of gold medal. In 2020, the winner was Bryson DeChambeau, who won $2.25 million. Some of the other notable winners of this tournament include Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Willie Anderson, and Bobby Jones.

3. The British Open

the 2017 British Open

This is also one of the four major golf championships in the world. It is also referred to as The Open or The Open Championship. It was established in 1860. The fixed venue of the golf games during its initial years was the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. Later on, it changed into a rotating venue in some of the best golf courses in the United Kingdom. This is the only major golf championship that is held outside of the U.S.

The golfer with the most victories in the British Open is Harry Vadon, who won six tournaments. The youngest one who won was Tom Morris back in 1868 when he was only 17 years old. What’s amazing is that the oldest winner is a Scottish golfer who also goes by the name Tom Morris. He won in 1867 at the age of 49. 

4. PGA Championship

This is also called the US PGA Championship or USPGA. It is among the four major golf championships in the world. It is an annual tournament by the Professional Golfer’s Association of America. This tournament was established in 1916. It is held in various celebrated golf courses in the United States. Its winner takes home the Wanamaker Trophy, which is 2.5 feet tall. 

The most wins at the PGA Tournament are held by Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus. Both of them have five wins in the tournament. Tiger Woods won four times at the PGA Championship. 

5. The U.S. Women’s Open

This tournament has been played since 1946, and it is becoming almost as popular to view live on television as the men’s best golf competitions. In this tournament, high-quality golfers from different parts of the world are challenged in a list of great courses around the United States. It is among the nine national golf championships conducted by the United States Golf Association. It is also the oldest of the LPGA Tour’s five major championships. 

6. The Ryder Cup

This golf tournament is a battle between the United States and Europe. It is where a few selected golfers qualify to play either singles or doubles for the bi-annually awarded trophy. It is the event wherein golfers compete to help their team win, as there is more at stake other than national pride. 


There are other tournaments out there that athletes can join, but the ones we’ve mentioned here are some of the most prestigious golf tournaments that many golfers dream of participating in. These are some of the events that you should also watch out for if you are into watching golf games. These are also the ones with the highest prize money in the game. We hope this post helped you learn more about golf tournaments.