Mental Training Techniques for Golfers

a close up shot of several gold golfing trophies

Anyone with experience in golf understands that the psychological and emotional elements of the sport significantly influence scoring. This aspect of the game is one of its main attractions, allowing players to encounter various emotions and mental hurdles each round, creating a sort of immersive virtual reality without real-life repercussions. Your ability … Read more

The Benefits of Golf Fitness Training

A set of new golf clubs on a beautiful golf course

Golf is often thought of as a laid-back sport that doesn’t demand a lot of physical effort. However, this perception doesn’t quite match up with reality. In fact, golf involves a range of physical activities that are good for your body.  Similar to numerous sports, golf requires a significant level of physical … Read more

How young is too young to start learning to play golf?

Child playing golf

Children are our most precious blessing. Every parent works hard for them. They want them to succeed in life, especially in their education, hobbies, and interests, while still young. Most parents who are into sports like golf cannot wait to teach their children from the moment they are born. However, it will … Read more

Learn More About Nike Junior Golf Camps

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The Nike Junior Golf Camp is a branch of the Nike Sports Camp that is focused on providing young golfers a chance to learn techniques, skills, and the right mentality to become a great player. The Nike Junior Golf Camps have been conducted since 1994, which makes it one of the oldest … Read more

Training Aids to Help You with an Unusual Swing

female golfer with a proper swinging stance

The golf swing is arguably the hardest technique to master in golf, even though most people would think that swinging golf clubs to hit the ball is relatively easy to do. What makes golf swings difficult is that players would often struggle to keep a consistent golf swing, which means that the … Read more

Training at an Adult Sports Camp

Like in love, “age doesn’t matter” in golf. You can learn how to play golf, no matter how old you are. And no matter what your skill level is, you and everyone else are welcome to play golf.  As long as you have a passion for the sport, that will be a … Read more

Sending Your Child to a Golf Camp

Let’s face it – there are a significant number of summer camps these days, so, understandably, parents may feel a little too overwhelmed when choosing a summer camp for their children. But they do not have to feel that way. Each child has his or her interests and talents, so picking the … Read more

Is Golf Camp Right for Your Young Golfer?

Have you noticed that your child has begun to show signs of interest in golf? He or she may be incessantly watching a lot of golf tournaments on the TV or golf tutorials on YouTube. Then, he or she has expressed a more active interest in golf by actually taking up the … Read more