Playing Golf in France

When you ask Brits where they like to play golf outside of the UK, many of them respond in France. The reason is that it is easily accessible to them, even by car. In fact, once you have passed the thirty minutes it takes to cross the channel, there are only fifteen more minutes to drive, before getting to such beautiful golf courses as Wimereux or Le Touquet. Here is what you need to know about France’s golf courses.

Where to find Golf Courses in France?

Many Europeans, who love a game of golf, will fly to France to enjoy a renowned golf course. They can land in many different airports to do so, either in Paris, Bordeaux and Nice, or even fly into Geneva and cross the border to France, by car. Golf specialists usually recognize the various golf regions, by using their global locations. You will hear them say that they are going to play in the South East of France or in the North. Their preferences vary, as some prefer warmer or colder climates, while others simply look to play in as many courses as possible, changing regions every time they go.

What defines French Golf Courses from Others in European Regions?

French golf courses are somewhat similar to the ones found in England. There is a real variety in the country, which is incomparable, anywhere else in Europe. You will find parklands, clifftops and heathlands courses, up and down the territory. But what golf enthusiasts like best about France’s sites, is that they can either play on a very modern course or find themselves bathed in history. There is no doubt that golfers from other countries often go back to France, simply because there is something new for them, every time they visit.

The architecture of French golf courses is unique. You may find yourself back in the Golden Age, in one place, and then walking on the creation of a modern designer. To tell which one is best, would be like comparing apple to bananas. It depends on your preferences or what you feel like on a given day. The golf courses around the Paris region are certainly of the highest-quality. They also have the advantage of being close to a major airport, and in large numbers. But the North cannot be neglected, with such prestigious names as le Touquet golf course and the South-west also comes to mind first, when you are looking for the best golf courses, with names like the Golf du Médoc, where everyone loves to go back, when they have played there once.

What to expect in Terms of Service

French are known for quality, but not so much for the one they provide in terms of service. Being a stranger in France is not always easy, as the first contact is often cold. But once you get to know the way that French interact with guests, you will be able to get the most out of them, and you will receive great tips on how to play the course, or where to go out at night.