Golfing Tips For Seniors

Golf is a great way to keep your body moving as you age.  The sport is relatively low impact, and you don’t have a huge chance of getting injured.  Golf can be a social experience, or not, depending on what you prefer.  

It’s also a great way to get some time outdoors in the beauty of nature.  If you’re looking for ways to be more effective on the course, research will take you far.  Check out a few golfing tips specially formatted for seniors, and start enjoying more time out on the green.  

Get properly fitted for equipment

The equipment you use can make or break the way your body reacts to a swing.  You need properly fitted equipment, and this factor becomes more important in your senior years.  

Don’t let your ego get in the way of being refitted for equipment that suits your aging body.  When you’re a senior, a good golf game requires you to be very honest about your abilities.  

Practice proper warm up exercises

You don’t want to hit the course full speed ahead without first giving your body a heads up about what’s about to happen.  This is especially important for seniors with physical challenges.  

Senior living facilities with accommodations use the game of golf as a way to keep their seniors active and healthy, and stretching is a big part of the routine.  Don’t rush the process, and take time to properly stretch.  

Stretch out your arms and legs.  Lean left, right, forward, and backward to stretch your back muscles a bit.  Then, hit a few balls before you actually start playing a game.  Don’t go straight for a long 300 yard drive.  

Play the right kind of tees

You need to play forward tees.  Again, you can’t let the change in equipment affect you, as your game won’t ever be what it was when you were in your twenties.  Using the right tees for your current gaming abilities will help improve your scores.  

Use technology to your advantage

Use technology to help make playing the game less strenuous on your body.  Use a buggy to get yourself around the course, and you can store your clubs in the kart for easy transport too.  

Give yourself a better shot at conquering the course by preserving your energy for when it matters most.  Your body will thank you at the end of the evening.  

Don’t overdo it 

When you get to the age of retirement, it’s important that you don’t over do it on the course.  You may think you’ll be out there every day, but you’ll quickly burn yourself out with that much exposure.  Give your body time to recharge after hitting the course.  If you play often, try playing shorter stints.