Speculate Accurately: A Comparative Study Of The Master’s Champions And The Probable Victor Of 2021

Masters’ tournaments have become one of the leading forms of sports that not only lets men of culture indulge in an athletic stance but lets them ensure the magnificence and mirthfulness of being a part of the tournament in all its aspects.

While many perceive that golf is the game of aristocrats, what many fails to understand is the potential it holds as a form of engagement.

With the Master tournament being shifted to November in 2020 again, right where it is supposed to be, the major gold season has started to get its rightful and deserved ascension.

The trend that has been continuously taking place for the past 25 years of entrusting the rightful winner with the green jacket will take place this year too.

It has been five months since Dustin Johnson not only claimed the title of being a ‘champion in the master series but was sent off to engage in the completion of Augusta to play it off so that he can be designated with the honorary and symbolic green jacket of the tournament.

With many top contenders coming to the completion including, the reigning champion, this year’s Master is about to start with a bang and unexpectedness that can bear any result. But who has the chances of claiming this year’s Augusta?

That Is Why We Will Present A Comparative Study Of The 25 Years Of History Of The Augusta So That One Can Speculate The Players Having The Best Chances To Coming On Top This Season…

Golf has increasingly started gaining the modification it needs to be considered as a serious sport where the youth and athleticism is nothing but put at a great advantage.

In other words, golf is a symbol bearing the celebration of youth and athleticism. Nonetheless, one cannot dismiss the major component, that is the experience in the Master’s championship.

Let’s discuss the age factor

In the past twenty-five years, only two players under the age of 25 years old from the handful of potential candidates managed to gain the title of champions and we’re hailed with the green jacket.

  1. Tiger Woods in 1997, 21 years old at the time
  2. Jordan Spieth in 2015, 21 years old at the time.

Though countless great young golfers will be performing at the PGA tour, history has revealed that the chances of having a younger winner who would beat the records set by Woods and Speith might be slim.

(Image & Research taken from a Betway blog article)

It can be suggested that this year’s winner will likely be 25 or at least be above the age of 25 years old.

There is no set age for the winners, and that can be easily witnessed by discerning two players who have won the event, being the oldest, mostly above the age of 40, in the history of the championship in the Masters.

  • Mark O’Meara in 1998
  • Again, Woods in 2019.

So if you are speculating to place the bet on someone banking on the factor of ‘experience then remember, that experienced players like Lee Westwood are yet to still win the championship once. So instead of banking your guessing game on someone above 40, we recommend relying on someone below the age of 40.

Now let’s discuss which country has the most winners

Since 1996, it is the American players who have won 15 championships out of 25. Since that point, no other nation secured to win the title. Nonetheless, the streak was broken as from 2008 to 2017, in the ten years, only four from the USA managed to acquire the green jacket.

However, since then, they have taken control of the lost winning fleck by winning each of the last three major games.

So it can be said that the majority of the contenders upon whom the bet can be placed are hailing from America, and even the chronological study tends to suggest the likelihood of having a winner from the region of America.

So, it can be listed down that the winner will most probably be the golfer who will make it into the 30 of the world ranking. Of course, each course of games has an exception, and the Masters is no different. They are a few exceptions when it comes to winners in the Masters.

  • Zach Johnson in 2007
  • Angel Cabrera 2009 respectively

Nevertheless, 21 winners from the past 25 years made it to the list of top 30 in the world ranking, not to mention each of the last eleven. It is also worth sharing that they had managed to secure the top-five finish list in the season they were featured.

So this year, you have to focus on the players exclusively who are in their elements and have managed to make it to the top 30 under the ranking list, meaning, someone who is above 25 years of age having some sense of accomplishment in the world ranking while showcasing a decent lead to heading Augusta. Hopefully, you will have chosen the contender who can help you win.