Top Golf Clubs For Seniors- How To Choose The Best One?

Golf, a game of passion and excellent concentration, brings out the enthusiasm in players in an elegant manner. It is one of the crucial reasons behind the increasing trend of senior citizens playing golf. Due to the growing number of seniors playing golf, multiple golf club manufacturers have custom-built clubs and other accessories. Numerous types of clubs you may find in the market for seniors.

However, the very first factor while choosing the right golf club is the ability to drive greater distances with minimum efforts. Here are some of the fantastic tips to help you select the top golf club for seniors.

Don’t Forget to Use more Hybrids

Hybrids are bizarre for seniors, especially those who trouble with distance on shots from fairway woods and their drivers. If you have a good physique, adding some higher hit drivers plus wood to your bag would be a good option. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with these clubs, you can replace the longer irons with 3-5 hybrids.

Add an Extra Wedge and Set Combinations

To make for the likely deficits in the long-distance shots, senior players often need large variety in their short game. With the right equipment, even senior golfers can continue to get great distance. By considering the factors mentioned above, seniors can change the old club set to a new set of senior-specific clubs. It will help you to bring your exciting game back to what it once was. Find out fantastic golf clubs with a perfect set combination for seniors at

Consider the Weight of the Shaft

It’s highly recommendable for seniors to look for shafts that weigh less than 60 grams plus a relatively light club head. Moreover, it’s hassle-free to find out whether the golf club is heavy or not. Higher the number on the club, the heavier it would be. Considering a lighter shaft can help you to improve timing as well as swing speed. Additionally, it would be more comfortable for seniors to wield.

Do You want Senior Grade Shaft Flex?

The rates of flex in a golf club are generally graded as extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior, and ladies. It’s not a compulsory rule to stick by because the ideal flex level for a golfer is directly linked to the swing speed. Seniors should be looking at clubs that involve shafts with more flex. Look at your maximum distance on shits to decide whether you need senior flex shafts or not.

Shaft Design and Flexibility: Should I Consider It?

The overall design of the shaft matters and can make a substantial difference in your game. While selecting the best golf club, seniors should consider the weight distribution and overall length. A shaft that is quite heftier towards the grip side can enhance your accuracy. However, a longer shaft can help you with swing power, speed, and width. On the other hand, shaft flexibility will efficiently help with your swing. The more flexible your shaft is, the more effortless it will be to produce power in your swing. So, if you are troubling with swing speed and power, then considering a more flexible shaft is an ideal option.

Which Loft Angle should I Prefer?

When you consider both the angle of your shits and speed swing, you may have heard of the term loft angle. In a lower speed swing, it’s advisable to keep the loft higher. Generally, senior-oriented drivers will have higher than average lofts to recompense for the slower swing speeds. For instance, you should look for a golf club with 11 to 13 degrees loft if your swing speed is between 80 to 90 mph. If your swing speed in near to 60-70 mph, then chooses a club with 13 to 15 degrees loft.