A Guide to Nighttime Golfing on Camping Trips

Ever get bored of the usual camping trip activities? Admit it, even the most avid and prepared camper will eventually run out of new and exciting activities to do, especially when the sun goes down. 

Well, here’s your answer: nighttime golfing! Yes, you can play golf on your camping trips. And yes, you can do it under the stars.

With the increased frequency of warmer days and nights, camping has been inching its way up our bucket lists and with nighttime golf gaining popularity, why not just do both?

a row of tents set up beside a course

Glow Golf!

The trendier golf clubs actually host glow golf events, some even make it an annual event. It can be a lot of fun and may involve balls and pins that light up, greens lined with glow sticks, a cocktail and short holes that only require walking. 

There are courses you can drive your camper to and camp right close so you can enjoy this night time activity.

For golf enthusiasts accustomed to daytime play, night golf presents a fresh and fun shift. The ambiance varies, and the course’s appearance and dynamics might transform in the glow of the lights.

golf stick and white ball on the grass under the glow of red-and-blue neon lights

In the summer heat, daytime golfing can become sweltering and uncomfortable. Opting for nighttime play, on the other hand, provides respite from the heat and enhances the overall enjoyment on the course.

And for those of us with packed daytime schedules or work obligations, nighttime golf becomes a practical alternative. Numerous courses host evening events, enabling players to enjoy a round post-work hours.

Nighttime golfing introduces fresh difficulties like restricted visibility and distinct lighting effects. Surmounting these challenges can offer golfers an enjoyable and fulfilling adventure.

Nighttime Necessities

Playing golf at night can provide an exciting adventure, but it can also pose risks if done without proper preparation. To effectively enjoy in nighttime golf, there are specific accessories that are essential to guarantee visibility of the course and your golf ball. Here are some indispensable items:

Golf Balls. When playing in nighttime golf, the choosing the right kind of golf balls is paramount. Standard golf balls are inadequate due to their lack of reflectiveness. Opt for golf balls explicitly crafted for night play, as they possess reflective attributes that ensure visibility in low-light conditions.

a set of reflective golf balls

Glow Sticks. Glow sticks are a vital requirement for night golfing. They serve to indicate the tee box, flagstick, and even the golf ball. Use them as a marker for anything you don’t want to lose sight of. Additionally, you can affix them to your golf bag or attire to enhance visibility. Opt for waterproof glow sticks that offer a durable and extended glow.

a golf ball illuminated by glowsticks in the background

Headlamp. Having a headlamp or flashlight is advantageous for maneuvering the course during nighttime. It proves useful for locating the next hole or searching for your golf ball in challenging areas. Opting for a headlamp is more practical as it allows you to keep your hands available for carrying your clubs.

Light-Up Golf Clubs. Using illuminated golf clubs can be an enjoyable addition during night golf sessions. Available in various colors and styles, they can inject a touch of enthusiasm into your game. Nevertheless, they are not obligatory for nighttime golfing.

Reflective Gear. For nighttime golfing, it’s vital to wear reflective gear. Incorporating reflective vests, hats, and belts can enhance your visibility to fellow golfers in low-light conditions. Another option is to affix reflective tape onto your golf bag or clubs to increase their visibility.

Play Safely

Get to know the course. Prior to commencing your tee-off, invest time in acquainting yourself with the course during daylight hours. Take a relaxing stroll around and observe any potential obstacles that might be harder to discern in dim lighting, such as bunkers, water hazards, or uneven ground. This practice will not only enhance your gameplay but also avert unforeseen mishaps that might disrupt your game. It’s also a nice warm up before the actual game.

An essential consideration is the weather. Being mindful of shifting weather conditions is vital during nighttime golfing. Rain, fog, or strong winds can hinder visibility and complicate navigation. Remaining vigilant and adapting your approach can prevent accidents and guarantee an enjoyable and secure night golfing venture.

Remaining vigilant stands as a key element. As darkness descends, perceiving your surroundings becomes more challenging. Hence, maintaining a high level of caution and attentiveness on the course is vital. Stay attentive to possible hazards, such as fellow golfers, wildlife, and carts, by keeping your senses alert.

Another essential guideline is to uphold a secure gap between yourself and fellow golfers. If you are with company, try not to stand to close to anyone who’s teeing ar swinging. Preventing collisions that might lead to injuries is paramount. If you’re uncertain about the whereabouts of other players, make sure to vocally signal them before executing your swing.

When operating a golf cart or camper in the dark, exercising care is pivotal. Keeping a moderate pace, adhering to the designated route, and using headlights and taillights are all imperative for your safety and that of others on the course. Navigating through dimly lit areas can prove challenging, so prioritize a gradual pace and sustained vigilance. 

Lastly, inform your friends or family of your location and share it with them for periodic check-ins during your camping trip. Regardless of the precautions you adopt, playing golf under the night sky is certain to be a memorable experience! Engaging in nighttime golf offers an adventure, yet it’s crucial to gather all essential gear and accessories beforehand. Prioritize caution and adhere to safety recommendations.


Nighttime golfing offers a distinct and exciting experience, adding a new dimension to the enjoyment of this sport for all skill levels. Beneath the twinkling stars, players can relish new sights and sounds that are different from those of the daytime. Despite the potential challenges posed by reduced lighting, golfers who embrace this opportunity with appropriate gear and safety measures can truly appreciate this exceptional adventure.