Rangefinders – Does Cost Mean Better Quality?

Rangefinders are a must-have among hunting enthusiasts and golfers, as it can help in measuring distances and make it a lot easier. There are different gold rangefinder brands, and each of the brands has dozens of different models. They all do fulfill a single purpose, but if you have tried shopping for one, you may have wondered why the price range is so wide. The cheapest ones you can find in the market range around $150 to $200, while the most expensive models are priced somewhere around $900.

Know that you are not only paying for the rangefinder itself, but you’re paying for the design, the R&D, the brand, the shipping and transportation, the employees, and more. All these expenses are included in each rangefinder.

Does Cost Affect Quality?

As with other gadgets, the higher the price, the better the quality. The more expensive the gadget is, the more it can offer better performance and a lot of extra features.

In the world of range finders, you get what you pay for. The price goes hand in hand with quality. Higher quality almost always means a higher price. There’s a substantial quality difference between the cheapest and the most expensive rangefinders. However, the more the price rises, the lesser the quality features differ. This means that it’s likely that you can find a cheaper rangefinder in the market with similar features to a highly-priced rangefinder.

In other words, a $300 rangefinder is most likely to be twice as good as a $150 rangefinder, but a $1000-worth rangefinder cannot be twice as good as a $500 rangefinder. The best thing to do is to go with the best one on your budget price range.

What Factors Affect the Price of a Rangefinder

There are so many factors that add to the price of the rangefinder. Here are the significant reasons:


Popular rangefinder brands like Bushnell cost more money not because they always offer the best quality, but simply because they are popular. Like for smartphones, Apple costs a lot more because you’re also paying for the brand. The brand name is double-edged – it’s your guarantee that your product is widely accepted and that it’s carefully manufactured because it maintains a reputation, but it also means that you have to pay for much more for the real quality of a product.


All rangefinders share similar components, and all can measure distance, but the difference lies in the material. The better the material is, the sturdier your rangefinder becomes. This is one of the big reasons why you should not settle with a rangefinder that has an incredibly low price. It may not even last the first time you accidentally throw it in the ground. Since golf is a sport that requires a high level of commitment from the player, there’s nothing cheap about it. Did you notice that it’s the most popular sport and past time for the businessmen and the rich? It’s because you really have to pay to play. So you should either buy a good rangefinder or don’t buy one at all.

New Functions

Newer versions are typically pricier than older ones because it’s an upgraded version of the old version with many new functions. A basic rangefinder only measures the distance, while a modern rangefinder can do a lot of different things such as measuring slope, wind speed, reticles, pin-seeking, and more. All these functions are added in order to make your golf games a lot easier. And of course, these additional functions warrant a higher price. The best golf rangefinders  are those ones that are durable and easy to use for beginners, but still has the features needed by pros.

Maximum Range

When you shop for a rangefinder, one of the most important considerations is the distance range. Most rangefinders in the market come with a range of up to 1,500 yards. The rangefinders with a higher distance range are most likely to cost more than rangefinders with a lower range. It’s essential to buy a rangefinder that will give you your preferred range at a price attainable by your budget.

Also, note that the maximum range capacity of rangefinders is only accurate in ideal conditions. The maximum ranges are calculated on a large, reflective surface in perfect weather conditions, which isn’t typical of all golf situations. However, higher-quality rangefinders can live up to their stated maximum range as compared to cheaper rangefinders.