Differences Between Garmin and Bushnell GPS Devices

If you have already been looking for the most suitable golf GPS device for your playstyle and skill level, then you probably already know that there are dozens of different models and brands of GPS devices for golfing to choose from. Because there are many choices, people would often have a difficult time finding or buying the right device for them. However, there are only a few companies or brands that are consistent in providing golfers with great GPS devices that are packed with plenty of features, and two of those brands are Garmin and Bushnell.

Both the Garmin and Bushnell brands are equal in terms of critical acclaim and sales, although some of their models have differences in terms of appearance and features. To get more details as to their similarities and difference, here is a guide on the different features of Garmin and Bushnell GPS devices.


Of course, the different models of Garmin and Bushnell devices would have varied designs, but most of them do carry over a certain design theme that the two companies follow. For Bushnell, they usually focus on having more traditional designs for their GPS devices, which means that their GPS watches would look like a traditional watch from afar. For Garmin, most of their devices have “futuristic-yet-simplistic” designs, and these mainly shows in their popular GPS watches that have a simple satin black finish that has little to no extra color added to it.

For golfers that don’t want to show off their GPS device and have a more traditional-looking watch, then they should choose the Bushnell models over the Garmin ones. However, for those that want a simplistic device that can still look fashionable, then they should get the Garmin watches.

golf ball near the hole


Like with their appearance, the various Bushnell and Garmin device may have different features, such as the Garmin Approach G10 vs Bushnell Neo Ghost, with some having less and a few having more. However, there are a number of features that are present in Bushnell devices that are not found in Garmin devices, and vice versa.

The one feature that is exclusive to most Garmin devices is the scorecard feature, which allows the wearer to keep a tally of his or her scores during multiple games of golf. The scorecard features can also be analyzed using the special Garmin golf app so that the wearer can know his or her strengths and weaknesses in terms of skills, decision-making, and course awareness.

The feature found in most Bushnell devices but only in a few Garmin GPS watches is the distance to hazards mode, which enables the wearer to know how near or far a hazard is from his or her. This feature is advantageous for golfers that want to improve their skills in avoiding hazards.

Both of the features mentioned previously are found in the latest models of the two brands, although those models can be quite pricey in online and local stores. If you are on a tight budget, then you would need to choose which of the two features is more suitable for you. For us, it would be better to have the distance to hazards feature for beginners, as the scorecard feature is usually better suited for veterans that want to improve their golfing skills.

As for the features that are found in both of the brands’ models, all of them will feature accurate distance measurements in the golf course, built-in measurements for more than 30,000 golf courses around the world, and a screen that shows the standard time.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, Garmin and Bushnell devices are usually equal in terms of how long the battery of their devices last in the golf course. According to reviews, most Garmin and Bushnell models will have batteries that can last at least seven to ten games of golf before you will need to change them again.

Luckily, almost all current golf GPS watches would have USB ports for connecting to computers and also for charging, so you can charge the watches by connecting it to a pocket power bank. However, since they could last more than two games per day, you wouldn’t really need to bring a power bank, although you may want to have one inside your golf bag if you are going to an overnight training camp.

Those are the similarities and differences between Garmin and Bushnell devices, and from reading this guide, you would get the idea that the two brands are not that different from each other in regards to what features they can provide to beginner and veteran golfers. The significant difference between the two brands can only be seen in their appearance, although the looks of the watch actually matter for some people, especially for those that want to look fashionable on the golf course.