GolfBuddy WTX + Smartwatch Golf GPS

As the game of golf continues to evolve, so do the golf equipment and accessories. The emergence of the new technology has paved the way for the creation of tools and devices that are designed to improve a golfer’s performance.

Golf is also a game of style. It is one of the few games which is governed by a somewhat strict dress code, something which is borne out of centuries of tradition. Golfers have to be professional-looking all the time – collared shirts, well-ironed slacks, and proper golf shoes. No T-shirts, no denim pants, no shorts, and no sandals.

But when it comes to other fashion accessories such as wristwatches, golfers may have more freedom with wearing them to bring a bit of their style. Some brilliant and enterprising minds have decided that watches should not be for golf fashion anymore. They should also serve another purpose: to improve the golfers’ game.

One of the innovative golf fashion items of late is the GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch. Aside from its fundamental function of telling the time, the  GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS has also unique features. It provides all the information that a golfer might need to improve on his game.

The GolfBuddy WTX watches are known known for making helpful devices for golfers. GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch is actually the latest iteration of the company’s golf watches, but the WTX is GolfBuddy’s first into the GPS fitness department. It means that it can monitor other activities such as walking, running, and cycling using a pedometer. However, this smartwatch is aimed specifically at golfers. So if you play golf every day, you can take advantage of this watch’s fitness tracking feature to achieve your daily step goal.

The GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch’s relatively large dial makes you think that this watch is unwieldy to wear. Well, in most cases, it does feel bulky once you wear it. But it only means that this GPS golf watch has a plethora of features that will aid a golfer in improving his game.

The GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch has a round body, compared to angular body in older models. It has a color touchscreen, which gives this watch a better dimension compared to the older models (especially the WT5 and WT6, both of which have black and white screens). When not in use, the watch goes into a stylish analog clock face. You can still see the watch clearly, even under the bright sunlight.

It has a wide rubberized strap with lots of holes. The strap allows you to easily adjust the watch until you find the exact fit around your wrist, making it comfortable to wear.

The GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch has a battery life of 8 hours when it’s on GPS mode. Every unit of the GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch has a disc and a USB jack that work together to re-charge your watch when it’s low on battery. The disc attaches magnetically to the bottom of the watch’s body. The standard micro USB cable plugs into the disc on one end, and into the AC power, computer, or laptop on the other end. This disc can be a little inconvenient to use when other watches of almost the same price can be charged by directly plugging it into the micro USB.

The GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch has a visible top right button, which you can click to show you the menu for all modes. Then use the touchscreen to control the menu. The touch interface is fast and user-friendly.

The GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch has features typical of a golfer’s smartwatch, such as the following:

  • Distances (yardage to the front, center, and back of the green from the golfer’s position;
  • Hole information;
  • Hole view;
  • Distances to the hazards from the golfer’s position;
  • Course coverage (it is pre-loaded with over 38,000 courses worldwide);
  • Dynamic Green View which changes the shape of the green, depending on your angle of approach with distance readings from the golfer’s position.
  • Manual shot distance, which you can use to help you pick the right club in your next shot.

One of the fantastic things about this watch is that the information it provides is incredibly in-depth. Some golfers, however, may find the level of information as too detailed as to deem it as unnecessary. In this case, the GolfBuddy’s WT6 might be the better option.

You can download GolfBuddy’s mobile app, and you can also use your smartphone to sync with your watch. It allows you to check on your course and software updates as well as receive SMS notifications to your watch.

There are so many things to say about this nifty piece of gadget, but all we can say that the GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch is going to be a golf companion. The features are very much comprehensive, the level of information that it provides is unbelievably detailed, and the touch screen interface is incredibly user-friendly. This watch also proves to be fashionable, whether you’re in and out of the golf course. All of the GolfBuddy WTX + Smart Golf GPS watch’s attributes and featuers will help you stay on top of your game.