How Can Playing Golf Help in Business?

Golf, a peaceful and relationship-building game, teaches us important life lessons like being determined, learning constantly, being honest, and achieving goals. These lessons, just like in the business world, help us become smarter in business.

Business and golf go well together, and that’s why there are good reasons to try business golf. Just like how golf can be challenging, business doesn’t have easy answers. It’s like trying to do something that seems really hard without a lot of resources, but still finding a way to make it work.

Why do business people like golf? What’s the connection between golf and business? This article helps us see those connections and hidden benefits, so we can use golf to help our own businesses.

Business and Networking on the Greens:

In the world of business, golf holds unique benefits for networking in peaceful surroundings. Below are benefits of golf in relation to business and networking:

1. Blending Business and Friendship

Golf isn’t just about playing a game – it’s a place where connections grow and friendships form. Think of it as a special way of networking, often called “golf networking.” It’s like making a big group of friends.

In going to a golf club – just being there opens up opportunities. Especially for business people, every time you start a game, you might meet possible clients – maybe even up to three in one game! 

What’s cool about golf is how easy it is to connect. No matter if you want new clients or just want to make friends, golf is like a magic place where professionals and all kinds of people can meet up and get to know each other.

Businessman getting to know each other in a golf course

2. Building Relationships Through Quality Time

Golf provides a rare opportunity for quality time. Imagine spending 4 to 5 precious hours with co-businesspeople, CEOs, or potential clients – a luxury not easily found in office settings where work takes precedence. Unlike other sports, golf’s pauses between shots create room for meaningful conversations and shared interests to emerge.

In today’s fast-paced world, meaningful time with clients is scarce. A golf swing lasts only a few seconds, yet a full game extends for about 4 hours. Amid those moments when you’re not swinging, genuine connections thrive.

No other sport offers this quiet space for in-depth conversations and rapport-building. This is a treasure for business professionals, fostering connections that hold immense value.

3. Organizing Discussions in a Natural Setting

Amidst all the hustle and bustle at work, think about trying something different – have your business talks in the peacefulness of nature. Organize meetings in a space embraced by water, trees, and sand, as opposed to the usual office confines.

Why stick to stuffy offices for business talks when golf can turn them into relaxed chats? Golf brings business and nature together in a unique way. Think of it as talking shop while surrounded by calming scenery. In this beautiful setting, conversations flow smoothly, helping people connect. Additionally, the relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to have friendly and productive conversations without interruptions.

Golf and Business Mindset:

In both golf and business, a strong character is essential. Below are important benefits of the game in building a business mindset:

1. Business Boost through Golf’s Valuable Lessons

Golf instills dedication. Just like you show dedication to improving your golf game, this quality is transferable to business. Dedication means investing time and effort consistently to achieve your goals. 

Whether it’s practicing your swing or refining your business strategies, the commitment you put in translates to progress and success. Remember, growth takes time and steady dedication pays off in both golf and business.

2. Providing A Glimpse into Business Character

In the world of business, golf holds secrets about people. Spending four hours on the course reveals more than countless meetings ever could. It’s not just what they say – it’s how they act and react.

Golf mirrors character. As golfers often say, how you play golf reflects how you do business. It’s about ethics and showing your true self. On the course, moments of success, failure, frustration, and pressure surface. Do they cheat or stay honest when no one’s watching? Golf unveils character traits that carry over to the business world.

3. Integrity and Self-Reflection

Integrity, or simply being honest and fair, is like a bridge between playing golf and doing business. Both need a strong mindset. Golf is special because you judge yourself. Business also needs self-reflection and honesty. Just like in golf, where keeping the right score shows you’re honest, being truthful is super important in business too.

Think of golf as a test of honesty when you report your score. Sometimes, your ball goes off target, and you have to find it. Did you find it, or did you secretly put another ball in its place? It’s tricky because the score you remember might be different from what really happened. I wouldn’t accuse anyone directly, but I might ask, “Are you sure? Did you count the extra strokes correctly?”

This honesty idea also applies to business and leading others. Since it’s not always easy to check everything, being honest is even more vital. So, when you do business, make sure to be really honest.

4. Building Humility, Respect and Strategy

Golf is also about respecting others on the course. Rules like taking turns and being considerate prevent chaos. This respect is why golf is often seen as a gentleman’s game. This same respect, shown through understanding and kindness, matters in real life too. These qualities are important in business. They help you treat your business world well and make people want to work with you.

In golf, you use different clubs for different situations. Similarly, at work, picking the right approach is crucial. You want good outcomes, so using the best strategy and preparing for risks helps. Just like on the course, you need to be ready for challenges.

Golf teaches humility. You might have a great game one day and struggle the next. Similarly, business has ups and downs. When things go well, it’s easy to feel unbeatable, but change can bring you down to earth.

Relaxation and Improved Well-being through Golf

1. Great in Managing Stress

Golf goes beyond being a game; it’s a stress-reliever too. Taming stress isn’t easy, and golf offers a unique way to conquer it. On the course, a clear mind and lower stress lead to better swings and results. This logic stretches to the business realm—keeping a calm head is vital for achieving the best outcomes.

2. Fostering Inclusivity and Unity

Adult man with a artificial leg playing golf outdoor at green golf course

Golf bridges generations, backgrounds, and abilities. Its handicap system makes it inclusive. Different skill levels can compete together, enabling a CEO in their 60s to outplay a 30-something prospect. Likewise, a young executive can look forward to years of on-course meetings and networking. It’s a versatility that’s tough to find elsewhere, like playing squash for business connections!

golf course

3. Well-rounded Activity to Feeling Better

The significance of golf goes beyond just a game—it’s a health-enhancing activity. Golf courses often span over 6000 yards, and the walks between tees and greens, coupled with some fairway meandering, can total up to 4 miles. This leisurely-paced movement, combined with fresh air, provides a balanced blend of walking, muscle engagement, and social interaction.

The health benefits extend even further. A Swedish study involving 300,000 participants, conducted in 2016 and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, revealed a compelling fact: golfers enjoy a 5-year longer life expectancy compared to non-golfers. This research underscores the extensive advantages of engaging in this leisure activity.


Businesspeople find value in golf for various reasons. It’s an inclusive game suitable for all ages and fitness levels, contributing to its appeal. Additionally, the relaxed ambiance and serene environment of golf courses provide a conducive setting for business discussions, often leading to agreements built on mutual understanding rather than traditional presentations.

Choosing between indoor and outdoor golf offers an opportunity to unwind, escape the daily grind, and build better work relationships. Golf’s significance extends beyond expectations. Embracing the process and practicing the swings are key, even when facing challenges. A bad round teaches valuable lessons, enhancing the ability to handle adversity and making future rounds smoother.