How is the Masters’ Champions Dinner still going strong even today?

Rituals in sports

Sports have always been a very important domain in the lives of human beings. No civilization has gone without inventing some kind of sports throughout history. The leisure time gets a new meaning when it is occupied by sports. Therefore, sports have kind of become an institution. Not only do spectators derive pleasure from watching sports, but also there is a whole cultural industry surrounding the aura of this event.

Every sport has its charm. So does golf. Now, 2020 has been an unfortunate year in many aspects. But certain traditions in sports cannot be lived without. The traditions make us what we are. Even so in sports, it is a cultural blessing to have numerous traditions. Thus, this year too amidst all the gloom, the Champions Dinner will surely be in place. Albeit the game will be hosted in November and also familiar elements will be missing from here but still, the tournament will feel a lot more homely if the Dinner takes place as usual.

What do we know about the Champions dinner this year?

The Champions dinner usually takes place just before the onset of the tournament. The previous champions of the event sit together to celebrate this one night to their heart’s content. Fortunately, this dinner will be hosted this year too presumably on the tenth of November. The dinner menu will be selected by none other than Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods needs no introduction. He displayed a brilliant performance last year. Even this year too, people are pinning their hopes upon him as he can in all probability lead to taste the sweet taste of success. In the past, he had already selected the menu for the event about five times. This year too, he has been entrusted with this job.

It is very challenging for him to select the menu as he has already done this task many times before. It has been decided that at the very onset of the dinner sushi and sashimi will be offered which will be then followed by steak and chicken fajitas as the main course. Since Woods is a passionate lover of milkshakes, for desserts milkshakes (both vanilla and strawberry flavor) will gain a place. The menu is overall a very wise choice and it is anticipated that it will appeal to a large number of people.

Why is the trend of making the menu becoming unique?

The age in which we live in an era of inclusivity. Cultural dynamism forms the ethos of our times. Sports being an important cultural organ of our lives have a very significant role to play here. The menu of the Champions Dinner speaks volumes about how Golf is a modern sport adapting to the ways of the world and acting as a harbinger of positive changes in the domain of sports traditions.

It is a fact that whoever chooses the menu does that for a particular reason. In most cases that reason is the notion of national pride. People try to promote their own national cultures so that it reflects well on their nations. Food is the cornerstone of every culture. Our essential identities are formed by multiple factors. Food is one of the most important factors. The choosing of the food item from their respective home countries says a lot about the ongoing champions. The world we live in is globalized. Every nation is unique. Everyone among us needs adequate representation. Inclusivity is a must in contemporary society. The trend of inclusivity as shown by the Champions Dinner speaks volumes about the event. Danny Willett in the year 2017 included several of his homeland items in the menu like mini cottage pies, vanilla custard, apple crumbles, and Yorkshire pudding mixed roast. He brought Sheffield to Augusta. Similarly in the year 2012, South Africa found its place in the menu through the introduction of various traditional dishes by the champion Charl Schwartzel. Sergio Garcia on the other hand included several Spanish dishes on the menu in the year 2018. Mention may be made of traditional lobster rice and a delicious cake which was prepared by his mother.

Significance of maintaining tradition

From time immemorial, civilization has prospered simply because of the practice of tradition transmission. What sets us apart from others is the way we follow customs, rituals, and traditional things. It binds us together, makes us a cohesive unit, and helps us to progress in the future. Therefore, certain traditions can never be given up. Situations can be pressing at times but that is no reason to give up the traditions which make our whole identity.


To sum up, it is thus quite evident how intimately sports are related to the various aspects of our lives. Golf as a sport is thus much ahead of its time. Not only there is excitement in the fields through its games but also an overall impact is made by the game on the cultural sphere of life. Over the coming days in the future, such practices will go a long way to ensure the maintenance of the glorified reputation of golf.