How young is too young to start learning to play golf?

Children are our most precious blessing. Every parent works hard for them. They want them to succeed in life, especially in their education, hobbies, and interests, while still young.

Most parents who are into sports like golf cannot wait to teach their children from the moment they are born.

However, it will become easy for parents to expose the children to golf by letting them watch the tournament on television or by bringing them on the course.

Parents can now introduce golf to their children in a variety of ways.

While this doesn’t automatically mean that their kids will pick up clubs and play nine holes, this development is something every parent should embrace when they wonder what’s the best age for their children to play golf.

Graeme Hay, the owner of who started playing golf when he was only 4 years old, said that it is not a problem if a child is exposed to playing as early as 2 years old.

The US Kids Golf Foundation also believed that kids who start young are much more likely to play golf as adults.

Some companies designed golf clubs for toddlers even at the aged of 18 months. Meanwhile, if you are interested to learn more about the popular crazy vegas casino, click the link.

Child learning to play golf

However, the idea here is to know the difference between learning and playing golf.

Children can learn golf by watching the game on TV, but they have to be a bit older, like 5 or 6 years old, before realistically playing it.

You have to be patient enough to wait for children to attain a certain level of maturity because of the equipment used in the game.

The sense of overexcitement from the kids might hurt themselves or other persons, especially when they start to swing the golf clubs.

But if you see or feel that your child is already mature to pick up some fundamental rules or etiquettes in playing the game even at the age of 3, then let them play!

After all, if the children start to enjoy playing the game, there is a big chance that they will continue to be interested in it.

The development of video games can help kids to be introduced early in playing golf through simulation games.

As long children are capable enough to move around and already have some attention span, they could already find time for simulations.

The simulation games can help the children understand or follow the different processes of golf swings and other golf techniques.

By doing this, children can learn the basics of playing golf in a fun and natural way.

The Keiser University College of Golf believed that kids could develop in their learning and playing the game at various levels, like Tiger Woods, who learned the game at an early age.

For other children, this may also take more time.

Golf balls

Some tips to help children start playing golf

Teach with fun

Don’t immediately push children to follow your actions in learning or playing the game. The key here is to give exposure to your children of the sport in an enjoyable manner. Aside from this, you can also check out the link to know the best casinos online that are highly recommended for USA players.

Expose them to different golfing events

You can share your love for golf with your kids in different ways. You can start it by switching your TV channel to a golf tournament that your child can watch.

A video game can also help your kids learn some basic ideas about the sport. The visuals can motivate the children to play the game. You can set miniature golf at home or in your backyard. A day in a driving range with your kids is one way to introduce the game to them.

You can also accompany your kids on the course. They will surely love to ride on a golf buggy for a start. Let them play around, and observe if they start to show interest in the game.

Pick the right gear 

The children will start to understand the basics of playing once you find them the right equipment.

From choosing the correct height and weight of the clubs to shoes and junior golf clothing, your children will start to acquire the foundation of the sport.

Inspire them

Make sure that you continue to give encouraging words to your kids as they start to follow or mimic you in playing golf. You can do this by giving at least 10 encouraging words every time you correct them. In this manner, you will not lose focus on the fun of the game.

Understandably, kids cannot follow you instantly in terms of the correct way swinging or hitting the ball.

You can also reward your kids with a special snack or drink after the end of the game. While they cannot perfect it, the important part is you can spend quality time with them.

Try other muscle exercises

There are other ways you can do with your kids that may lead them to develop the proper physical form that may be beneficial to them once they play golf.

For the development of their swinging skills, you can let your kids have swimming time. This is one way of complementing their golf lessons with you. Other conditioning may involve muscle exercises to strengthen their knees, arms, legs, wrists, and shoulders.

To develop their eye coordination, you can let them play tennis, soccer, or basketball. In this way, your kids will not feel like being glued to playing golf to improve in the game.