Learn More About Nike Junior Golf Camps

The Nike Junior Golf Camp is a branch of the Nike Sports Camp that is focused on providing young golfers a chance to learn techniques, skills, and the right mentality to become a great player. The Nike Junior Golf Camps have been conducted since 1994, which makes it one of the oldest branches of the Nike Sports Camp.

Today, there are over 200 camp locations across the United States, and most of these camps are held in beautiful golf resorts and popular golf courses, where the best of the best competed against one another. To learn more about the Nike Junior Golf Camps, here is an overview of the types of camps that they have.

Types of Nike Junior Golf Camps

There are currently four types of Nike Junior Golf Camps that you can enroll your children into. These types differ from one another in terms of the programs they run and their schedules. Here is a brief description of each camp type that is offered by Nike and USSC (US Sports Camps).

Nike Junior Golf Day Camps

The Nike Junior Golf Day Camps are arguably the most popular type of camp out of the four, as it is typically held during the day where children and teenagers would have the fullest energy to play golf. In addition, the day camps are also the most beginner-friendly since they teach you the basics of golfing first before they improve on the children’s skills.

Besides learning golfing skills, those who signed up for the camps will have the opportunity to make new friends and build self-esteem, which is needed for them to have confidence that they can win on the golf course. As of 2020, there are more than 60 Nike Junior Golf Camps locations that have day programs.

Nike Junior Golf Overnight Camps

The next step from the day camps are the overnight camps, and as their name suggests, these camps are held overnight, so they will still be learning more about golfing even during nighttime. Although overnight camps are also beginner-friendly, they are much more suitable for children or teenagers that already know the basics of golfing, as the camps would focus more on expert instructions and intermediate course play.

However, overnight camps are not only about golfing, as the team that will be handling the young golfers will be offering tours and fun off-course activities during free time. Compared to day camps, there are fewer overnight camps in the United States since the camps would need golf courses or locations that offer overnight lodgings. One of the most popular golf overnight camps for USSC is the Nike Junior Golf Camp New Orleans that is held at the Loyola University in the state of Louisiana.

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Nike Junior Golf Advanced Camps

The Nike Junior Golf Advanced Camps are recommended for young golfers that have finished taking day or overnight camps, as the advanced camps would only be teaching them about expert-level skills that require basic to intermediate knowledge in golf. To help them learn more about advanced techniques, the team responsible for hosting the Nike Junior Golf Camps hire renowned coaches and golfers that have experience playing in the PGA Tour (Professional Golfers’ Association of America Tour).

Through the advanced camps, young golfers will be treated with seminars, video analyses, and on-course instructions that help elevate their game. The on-course instructions would focus on each player’s strengths and weaknesses in order to pinpoint where they would need to improve. In addition to polishing each golfer’s skills, they would also undergo practice routines that will boost their mental strength while playing golf so that no matter when they are winning or losing, they wouldn’t lose their focus on the game. As of 2020, there are only 13 Nike Junior Golf Camps locations that offer advanced camps.

Nike Short Game Junior Golf Camps

The Nike Short game Junior Golf Camps are similar to the advanced camps since they also offer expert-level tutorials, but they are actually a step below the advanced camps since they would only teach young golfers about improving their skills in taking the ball closer and into the hole.

As the camps’ name already suggests, they would provide lessons about the short game, which is a part of a round wherein the ball would be near the hole. The short game would require different sets of skills, as young golfers would need to apply pinpoint accuracy and muscle control to get the ball to where it needs to be. There are currently only four Nike Short Game Junior Golf Camps in the United States, and those camps are located in the states of North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas.

Those are four types of Nike Junior Golf Camps that the USSC provides for children and teenagers to learn the basics of golf or enhance their golfing skills. Each type of Nike Junior Golf Camps provides different experiences for the young golfers, so the parents should choose wisely on where they should enroll their children.