Picking the Right Golfing Equipment

We all want to up our golf game and to do so means having the right equipment at all times. Whether it’s the right set of clubs, a good golf bag, the right gloves to improve our grip, or even making sure we have a golf cart handy for traversing the full 18 holes.

Even if you’re just a recreational golfer, it’s important to make the experience the best it can be. You’ll find that with the right golfing equipment, you’ll be improving your game, enjoying yourself more, and limiting the risk of injury and fatigue while you enjoy one of your favorite pastimes.

In this post, we’ll look at some tips for picking the right type of equipment for your own personal golfing style.

Start With the Cart

We know, most people want to start by talking about the clubs, and we’ll get to that in a second, but first, let’s talk about your preferred mode of transportation around the golf course.

No one wants to spend hours schlepping around the course only to wind up too tired to take your shot once you reach the back nine. The problem with a golf cart is that it can be a pretty major investment.

You don’t have to go fancy, A simple two-person cart with enough space for a couple of sets of clubs is a solid investment.

If you’re worried about how to take your cart with you when you move, because who has time to transport an extra vehicle, then you don’t need to worry. It’s fairly easy and practical to have your golf cart shipped to your destination. This could be because you’re moving across the country or just staying at your vacation home during the winter.

Pick The Right Set of Clubs

When we say a set of clubs, we mean a full set. It’s easy to pick up a new putter, or 9-iron here or there, but to really up your game, you want to invest in a set of clubs.

Figuring out whether you want titanium or carbon fiber heads on your clubs, whether you want the latest tech in terms of grip enhancements and other add-ons will really be determined by your budget.

What we recommend focusing on, though, is finding a set that you feel comfortable with that is durable and will stand up to both recreational practice and full-on play. There are plenty of options for everyone one from first-timers to pros, so finding the right set of clubs will take some research.

Pick The Right Gear

Golfing attire may seem cheesy at first and be the butt of a few jokes, but the right attire can make playing much more comfortable and enjoyable. Like we mentioned in the beginning, a good set of grip-enhancing gloves is a must.

Add to that a hat, a comfortable shirt, and pants or shorts, and you’ve got the makings of a winning setup for your golf game.

A sturdy golf bag and some shoes will round out your gear and you’re ready to tackle 18 holes with the best of them. Just be sure you bring extra balls and tees with you just in case you wind up in the drink a few times. No one wants to have to go diving for lost golf balls.