Reasons To Study Van Gogh Artworks

Have you seen Van Gogh oil paintings in somebody’s home, and wish you knew more about art so that you can understand why the homeowner exhibits these paintings in his house? Then it is time to think about why people purchase specific artworks.

In many instances paintings are not purchased as an investment, but for other personal reasons. The changes are good that the paintings are not originals, but reproductions. Let’s have a look at why many individuals are intrigued by Vincent van Gogh and have acquired reproductions of his work for their homes.

Why People Have Art In Their Homes

Before we look at van Gogh’s life and his influence on art, let us first find out why in general, people have paintings in their homes.

It Helps You Recognize Your Emotions

One reason often given when you ask someone why a specific painting has been chosen is that it helps to recognize your own emotions when you look at the painting. An example is people who look at Vincent van Gogh’s “Self-portrait with damaged ear and pipe” and recognize their own desperation in it. It feels for them if they share their emotions with a counselor when looking at the painting.

It Brings Life Into a Room

Another important reason for many is that a painting brings life into a room.  Nowadays many rooms only have machine-made items and electronic devices.  A human-created article in the room can uplift the “feeling” of the room. A good example is van Gogh’s “Vase with fifteen sunflowers”.

It Tells a Story

An important aspect is that the painting chosen tells a story without words about the buyer. If you love a painting enough to put it on your wall for visitors to see, it expresses what you probably can’t put into words. The van Gogh painting “Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum” tells the story of a relaxed street café. By identifying with the scenario, it conveys without words the message that you want to be relaxed and informal during your leisure time.

How To Choose a Painting For Your Home?

How To Choose a Painting For Your Home

In general, to find the oil-paintings you can relate to, the ideal would have been to look at all the works of well-known old masters. This is an impossible task, even if you want to buy a reproduction of a specific artist like Vincent van Gogh, it will take time to search for all his paintings online.  Fortunately, there are excellent online art galleries like the 1st Art Gallery to help you.

Look For The Right Online Gallery

A good online gallery like 1st-art-gallery offers not only an online picture of the artwork but also background information regarding the painter and the paintings. Sometimes it is the painting itself that you relate to, but it could also be the circumstances of the artist that you relate to.

If a painting relates to you it could relate to your home visitors as well, and not always in the same way. Therefore a painting often provokes a conversation. A good gallery should give you enough information to comfortably take part in conversations around your artwork. Always look for an online gallery that offers all these aspects.

Research the Painting

If you want to acquire any of the Van Gogh paintings mentioned above, or are intrigued by the artist, do some further research to find the painting you want. Researching about the ingenuity of Van Gogh will leave you spellbound and you will begin to appreciate his masterpieces from a different perspective.

Van Gogh – as Artist

Van Gogh – as Artist

Vincent van Gogh (1853- 1890) was a Dutch painter in the Post-Impressionist movement.  He created more than two thousand artworks for only about ten years.

His influence was felt for generations.  The way he used color had a great influence on the later Expressionists. His influence can still be seen in works of artists such as Julian Schnabel in the 1980s.

Any art student and enthusiast should study his works enabling you to pick up his influences in the art movements of the late 19th and 20th century. Many art enthusiasts feel that their selection is not complete if it doesn’t include at least one van Gogh painting.

Van Gogh – the Person

But it is not only Vincent Van Gogh artworks that are well known. His personal life was a good example of a “tortured artist”.  He was always struggling financially.  As he could not afford models, he was always hiring people from the street. Later in his life, he had serious mental problems that led to the mutilation of his ear. He spent a long time in hospitals and shot himself at age 37.  Despite the problems in his personal life, he is seen as one of the most famous artists in Western history.


As van Gogh is such a famous painter, it is always good to add a van Gogh to your art collection. Or you can start your collection with a van Gogh. You can get more information from the 1st-art-gallery website before purchasing an excellent and legal reproduction from this leading online art gallery.