Reasons to Wear Polyester for Golf Shirts

Golfing is a fun sport, but there are certain aspects of the sport that would make it a hassle to play, and these aspects include not having good quality equipment and even not wearing the right clothes. In terms of clothes, golfers can wear what feels comfortable for them, but as many of us can see in countless golfing tournaments aired on TV, there are certain pieces of clothing that professionals wear to make them more efficient in the sport without worrying about their clothes being a distraction. The most common piece of clothing typically worn by professional golfers today is the polyester golf shirt, which has several features that make it the best shirt for golfing. What are those features? Let us find out as we take a look at the different reasons why you should also wear polyester shirts for golfing. Aside from this, we also give you reliable information about the best online casinos for real money.

It Has Moisture-Wicking Capabilities

The one feature that polyester shirts have that makes it suitable for sports is that it has moisture-wicking capabilities, which allows the material to get sweat away from your body as quickly as possible so that the shirt won’t feel sticky. In addition, because it wicks sweat away fast, the sweat you get from playing golf won’t produce yellowish stains since they won’t stick to the material. This feature is not present on cotton shirts, as the cotton material will only absorb sweat but not pull it away.

Prevents Mold and Mildew Buildup

As mentioned previously, polyester shirts have a feature that lets it wick away moisture and sweat away from your body, and because of this feature, mold and mildew, which are usually attracted to moisture, will not be able to buildup on your clothes. The feature can also be useful even if you are not wearing the shirt since the moisture-wicking ability of the shirt also prevents mold and mildew from thriving on it if it is stored inside a cabinet.

Most Polyester Shirts are Inexpensive

Of course, branded polyester shirts, like the PGA Tour polo shirts polyester, can be quite expensive, but there are many generic or non-branded polyester shirts you can buy online that have the same features as the branded ones. Some polyester shirts are even cheaper than unbranded cotton shirts, so you can buy at least two or more shirts if you are a frequent golfer. However, before you buy an unbranded polyester shirt, make sure that you read or watch reviews about it online, as there is a chance that the company will send you a cotton shirt or a shirt that has both cotton and polyester.

polyester fabric

Polyester Shirts are Durable

Since they are mainly used for sportswear, polyester shirts tend to be more durable than cotton. The durability of polyester shirts is highly beneficial for active people, as cotton clothes would often get ripped or worn down through constant movements. In addition to being durable, polyester shirts are also much more comfortable to wear because of their soft and smooth feel. If you wear cotton shirts while golfing, especially during sunny days, the cotton that is rubbing against your body would produce an itchy and irritating feeling, which could often lead to you losing your focus on the game. Meanwhile, you can also check out the link to see best south african online casino.

The Material Used for the Shirt Doesn’t Shrink

The common problem for cotton shirts is that they would tend to shrink after a few washes, making them unwearable afterward since it became too small. For polyester shirts, the material used for them does not shrink, making them durable even during the washing process. Because polyester shirts do not shrink, they would last much longer than cotton shirts.

Some Polyester Shirts are Sustainable

If you want environmentally-friendly clothing, there are some branded polyester shirts that are made with recycled polyester, which is usually collected from unwanted polyester clothes or the polyester clothes that didn’t sell well in the market. In addition, there are also shirts that are made out of organic cotton and recycled polyester, making the shirts even more sustainable and environment-friendly. By purchasing these sustainable shirts, you will be able to reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals produced by companies to make clothes, as the companies that make them would rather recycle materials rather than create more.

Those are some of the best features of polyester shirts that are also good reasons why you should wear one. However, since the process of making polyester is inorganic, some health experts would recommend that you don’t wear polyester clothes every day. So, you should only wear polyester clothes if you are golfing or playing other sports since the unique features of polyester can only be useful for those activities. Avoid wearing polyester at home, especially if you don’t need the moisture-wicking feature of the material, so you should only wear clothes made out of organic or even inorganic cotton if you aren’t doing any outdoor activities.