The Benefits of Hand-Held Range Finders for Golf

Take your golf to a new level with the best golf rangefinder. Don’t believe us.

A handheld range finder can help estimate your distance to make that accurate shot. The estimation improves your game, letting you know how hard you should hit your ball. You can find two types, a laser and a GPS one, but both offer you fantastic benefits. The laser model works with a laser beam determining the distance between you and your target, while the GPS model uses satellites to measure the distance. However, today we focus on the laser handheld golf rangefinder and its benefits.

1. Remove the Guessing Work as a Newbie Golfer

While you can determine range using flag markers, it does not provide you with an accurate reading of your distance. Using the best golf range finder such as PROVISION RANGEFINDER eliminates the guessing work. With the measurement, you can gauge your skills, improving them. If you are still not convinced, get one of your friends who have one and try the hole with and without it.

2. Speed up the Game

You’re a novice and know that practice makes anything possible, but you do not want it to take up your whole day. Furthermore, guessing your distance takes loads of time. Your laser golf rangefinder saves time as it speeds up the game, removing all the guessing work. Quickly you will know how far you are away from the hole. All that is left is to take the right club and start swinging.

3. Mm Which Club Should You Use

Another excellent thing about using the best golf rangefinder is it tells you what club to use. By using the right one, your game improves. To determine this, you need to know the distance of the hole. So pull out your trusty golf aid to define it for you. Then, with the accuracy of the rangefinder, you will see if you need to use wood, putter, or iron.

4. Offers You Convenience

It sounds fantastic, right. Yes, it does but is it not challenging to lug around with you. No, as it is easy to carry without adding weight to your bag. When you look at the Provision Rangefinder available at BACK 2 BASICS GOLF, it is compact for carrying in your golf bag.

5. Improve Your Overall Skills

Whether you are starting golf as a beginner, you will notice that even the seasoned pros use them. As practice is crucial for improving your game, using the best golf rangefinder can help. As a novice, you need to work on your short game and tee shots to head to the next level. When you can determine what club to use and the angle, it becomes easier. The range finder is accurate and versatile while straightforward to use. With the excellent zoom and modes available, it will become your trusty friend. Furthermore, you even get a slope mode determining how it will affect your distance. While pin-seeker mode even reads vertical targets for a quick measure.

Final Words

As you can see, a handheld rangefinder for golf is a great way to work on your golfing skills. The golf aid is easy to hold and portable to take anywhere. To remove all the guessing works in your game and focus on your backstroke instead.