The Best Golf Courses Where You Can Go Camping

Embracing life’s little joys can bring a lot of happiness. Whether you’re enjoying time with your favorite people, going on exciting camping trips, or getting really good at golf!

When you put all of these things together, it’s like creating a really cool, refreshing and greenery vacation. So, get ready to enjoy being with others, exploring new places, and taking on the challenge of golf – all in one incredible adventure. Everything is set up just right, and your amazing experiences are waiting for you to enjoy them to the fullest. 

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Benefits of Combining Camping and Golfing for the Ultimate Getaway

Before we delve into the details of the golf courses, Now, let’s dive into the heart of this captivating fusion of camping and golfing – a blend that promises the best of both worlds. Here are some enticing reasons to consider combining these two cherished pastimes for the ultimate getaway:

  • Nature’s Playground – Imagine playing golf in a place that feels like an adventure park, with golf courses that blend right into the beautiful surroundings. It’s like golfing in the middle of nature!
  • Golf for All – Don’t worry about your skill level. There are different areas to start from, so whether you’re new to golf or a pro, you’ll find the right challenge. It’s like picking the perfect path for your golf journey.
  • Camping Comfort – You get to choose where you sleep, whether it’s in a cozy RV or a classic tent. And guess what? Your campsite is really close to the golf course. It’s like having a comfy home base for your golfing adventure.

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  • Family Fun – Bring your whole family along! Kids and grown-ups can all have a good time. A little something is ready for each person to relish and discover. It’s like a big outdoor playground.

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  • Relax and Unwind – After a day of golf or outdoor fun, you can chill out. Take a shower in clean bathrooms, go for a swim in a pool, or just relax by a campfire. It feels just like having your personal oasis.
  • Beautiful Views – Everywhere you look, there’s natural beauty. Lakes, trees, and rolling hills make it a picture-perfect setting. It’s like being in a postcard-worthy place.

Top 6 Best Golf Course and Camping Site:

Now, let’s delve into the top contenders for the best golf courses where you can camp – destinations that promise both thrilling golf rounds and delightful camping experiences. These fantastic golf courses not only offer exciting rounds of golf but also a chance to camp out and enjoy the great outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at each course and the unique experiences they bring:

Caribou Highlands Golf Course (Minnesota)

Experience Nature’s Playground: Embark on a golfing adventure like no other at Caribou Highlands. This links-style course seamlessly melds into the breathtaking natural landscape, with fairways adorned by swaying tall grass, shaped by ancient lava flows. Each hole paints a picturesque scene, making every swing a memorable experience.

Course Highlights: A par 35 haven awaits, with a blend of 3 par 3’s, 4 par 4’s, and 2 par 5’s. Tee off from different areas catering to all skill levels, ensuring a challenge tailored just for you.

Camp in Style: Extend your stay at Caribou Highlands with 10 campsites featuring full hook-ups, conveniently located near the course. Enjoy the luxury of bathrooms with showers, cozy fire pits, and the option to bring along your four-legged companions.

Pros: Scenic wonderland, diverse holes, caters to all abilities.

Washakie Golf & RV Resort (Michigan)

Michigan’s Hidden Gem: Uncover the charm of Washakie Golf & RV Resort nestled in North Branch, Michigan. A golfer’s paradise complemented by a cozy clubhouse, a friendly tavern, and a grill for delightful post-game relaxation.

Stay & Play: Elevate your golfing escapade with an inviting camping experience. Partake in a junior golf program, lessons, and engaging leagues, making your visit a memorable combination of outdoor joy and golfing thrills.

Pros: A challenge for the avid golfer, versatile amenities, perfect for families.

Likely Place Golf & RV Resort (California)

Welcome to Outdoor Bliss: Set your sights on Likely, California, and discover Likely Place Golf & RV Resort, an oasis of outdoor excitement. From golf swings to gazing at stars, fishing by the pond to hiking trails, adventure awaits.

Camping Delight: Set up camp in style with full hook-up RV sites and a lush meadow for tent enthusiasts. Tailored for families, kids can revel in playground fun, and pets are more than welcome to join.

Pros: Abundance of outdoor delights, spacious RV sites, family-friendly offerings.

Sanlan RV & Golf Resort (Florida)

 Tranquil Golf Escape: Find serenity amidst nature’s embrace at Sanlan RV & Golf Resort. Three tranquil 9-hole courses, untouched by human development, offer a backdrop of calm for your golfing journey.

Camping Sanctuary: Over 500 expansive sites with full hook-ups beckon travelers to their home-away-from-home. Dive into heated pools, explore trails, and indulge in a variety of amenities.

Pros: Peaceful golfing haven, comprehensive RV luxuries, bountiful natural beauty.

General Burnside Island State Park (Kentucky)

Kentucky’s Allure: General Burnside Island State Park invites you to a realm of diverse experiences. Engage in angling, boating, picnics, and an 18-hole golf course, all set against the backdrop of Kentucky’s enchanting scenery.

Camp Amidst Beauty: Choose from 102 campground sites, immersing yourself in the heart of nature. Lodge comforts and a restaurant beckon, adding to your splendid sojourn.

Pros: Scenic lake vistas, myriad outdoor pursuits, nature’s canvas.


As you step onto the lush greens of these extraordinary golf courses, a unique fusion of camping and golfing unfolds, creating an escape that’s all about embracing the great outdoors, bonding with friends and family, and relishing the exhilaration of the game. It’s like entering a realm where nature’s beauty and the joy of golf come together in perfect harmony, offering you an experience unlike any other.

So, as you gather your gear, load up the camping essentials, and prepare to hit the fairways, know that you’re embarking on a one-of-a-kind adventure. It’s a journey that celebrates the essence of life – from the thrill of competition to the serenity of nature, from the bonds of friendship to the joy of exploration. Get ready to tee off into a world where the rhythm of your swing becomes a melody in the symphony of the great outdoors.