Using the FairwayPro Golf Mat System to Practice at Home

Just like in any game or sport, to get better at golf, you need to practice a lot. When you regularly practice golf, you can work on your short and long game and even on your putting. However, the struggle with this sport is that it can be challenging to find the time and place to properly work and improve your golf game. If you are an avid golfer and you are figuring out ways how you can get better but don’t have the time to make it to the course all the time, one solution for you is to use an indoor putting green or an artificial grass mat that you can use at home to practice your golf game.

If you are looking for a great golf mat system to use at home to practice your golf skills, one of the best we can recommend is the FairwayPro Golf Mat System. It is a new golf mat system that has a patented mechanism that enables it to reach when impacted by a golf club, just like how real grass does. If you want to learn more about it, read on as we’re giving you more information about using the FairwayPro Golf Mat System to practice at home. Aside from this, you can also find the best real money casino games in this post.

What is the FairwayPro Golf Mat System?

The design of the FairwayPro Golf Mat System includes a sliding turf surface that enables golfers to hit down-and-through and compress the ball, which accurately stimulates ball flight and the feel of carving out a turf after hitting the ball. It also gives the most forgiving turf surface and pointedly reduces the shock and possible injury that golfers experience with fat shots on conventional mats. 

This golf may system can provide true feedback on your golf shots. When you use conventional golf mats, when you hit behind the ball, the club head may still bounce off the hard surface and slide into the ball. The ball will then take off as if you have executed a good hit. This means that you don’t get the right feedback on a fat shot from a ball flight, and you have to rely on the shock you experience. But when you use the FairwayPro, you will know if you have hit a fat shot as the impact will cause the turf surface to begin sliding forward, and the club head will hit the ball with less force. With the FairwayPro, the result is you get true feedback on a fat shot from the loss of distance and not from the shock to your body. It is very ideal for short game practice, including flop and punch shots. 

When it comes to the construction of the golf mat system, it is made using high-quality materials, such as stainless-steel springs that are made in Germany, which are rated for 1 million cycles. It also features a reversible handle and panel assembly, making it great for both right-handed and left-handed golfers. The premium turf is also replaceable. Meanwhile, find out the best casino français and see the difference if you play in a legit France-based online casino.

Features of the FairwayPro Golf Mat System

To sum it up, here are some of the notable features that you can enjoy from the FairwayPro Golf Mat System when you use it to practice at home:

  • It reacts to the impact of the golf club, sliding forward and giving way, which is similar to real grass.
  • It has a patented sliding turf surface that enables players to hit down-and-through and compress the golf ball.
  • It has a great surface that reduces the punishment from fat shots.
  • It can provide true feedback and is perfect for short game practice. It can stimulate the ball flight accurately and feel the carving out of the turf. 
  • It is created with the finest materials and is reversible for left-handed players. It features a premium turf that can be replaced. 

Other Tips On How To Practice Golf at Home

man practicing golf

In addition to using the FairwayPro Golf Mat System, here are some of the other great tips we can share on how you can practice golf at home:

Set up a net.

One of the easiest ways to practice golf in your yard is by setting up a golf net to chip into. Golf nets are smaller and can accommodate a chip or pitch shot. This way, you will be able to control the ball flight of your golf shots. This is great when practicing, as you can work on distance control, and it does not matter how big your space is to work on your chipping stroke. You can also choose to get a full swing golf net to work on hitting full swing golf shots. 

Capture your golf swing on video.

All you need for this is a smartphone with a camera and the room to swing a golf club. Capture your golf swing by recording a video. This way, you can improve your overall abilities as a player and understand your strengths and weaknesses better. Compare your moves to professional players to learn what needs to be improved.

Use limited flight golf balls.

If you do not have much room at home or in your yard to take full swing golf shots, you can choose to use limited-flight golf balls to practice. Some of them are made of plastic, while some are made of foam. With these balls, you will not break anything or cause any trouble with your neighbors in case of poor shots. 


Practicing is indeed the best way to become better at golf. If you do not have time to always visit a golf course to practice your skills, using the FairwayPro Golf Mat System to practice at home is one of the best options that you have. With it, you will be able to practice golf at home during your free time. It is one of the best investments for avid golf players who are serious about their game. We hope this post helped you learn more about the FairwayPro golf mat system and practicing golf at home.