What Job can You Get with a Sports Management Degree?

A sports management degree has a very broad career range, and this fact seems to surprise a lot of people. You’re not locked into one particular career field with this degree, and there are several opportunities available throughout the United States. We’re going to touch on a few potential career opportunities you have once you get your degree.

1. Event Coordinator

Do you have a talent for coordinating fantastic events that run smoothly from start to finish? Maybe you like to work with companies and suppliers to pull off huge tournaments. If you have a knack for organization and you’re a people person, an event coordinator is a great choice.

2. Athletic Coach

When you get your sports management degree, you learn valuable skills that will help you be a top-notch athletic coach. You learn the marketing side of the process, and you learn how to communicate with people. This can be a lucrative career if you get on the professional circuit with PGA Tour-grade golfers.

3. Public Relations Manager

If you’re good with words and love to solve problems, this degree can help you land a job as a public relations manager. You’ll schedule press releases and meetings with magazines or television for your player. The public relations team helps boost an athlete’s image, which makes the person in question look better to any sponsors.

4. Marketing Coordinator

This position is responsible for coordinating every marketing initiative or activity for a person, golf club, or agency. You’ll have to conduct marketing research, identify your target audiences, carry out promotional campaigns, and evaluate current marketing trends. You can work with a larger agency or contract directly when the organization to boost its marketing campaigns.

5. Clubhouse Manager

Managing a successful golf clubhouse and course requires the ability to organize yourself. This position is directly under the general manager’s direction, and you’ll focus directly on the daily operations. This includes any fitness facilities and food services that are on-site.

6. Athletic Director

Generally speaking, you’ll use your degree to get this position to overall every aspect of the athletic program your organization has. Your duties could include hiring coaches, budget preparation, scheduling, compliance, promotion, and general facility management. You’ll work with athletes and coaches to help your teams reach their top potential.

7. Operations Manager

This is a key part of any organization’s management team, and you’ll oversee any top-tier HR duties. This could include attracting more talent to your organization, setting hiring procedures, and setting training standards. You’ll improve and analyze any processes inside your organization, and you’ll constantly work to improve productivity, quality, and the overall efficiency levels.

8. Sports Lawyer

This is a dual role where you’ll act as both an agent and a lawyer for your clients. You represent the financial and legal interests of your clients. Potential clients include teams, coaches, and players. Depending on where you go, this could be a very high-paying but stressful career.

9. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts are in charge of examining financial data and using what they find to help your company or organization make smart business decisions. You’ll have to examine current market trends and help the company decide if they can afford to gamble on financial decisions.

Many of these careers are available in several sports industries. One popular area is golf.  The golf industry continues to be a multi-billion-dollar industry with a multitude of careers available. If you’re interested in working in this exciting field, you can pursue a degree more suited to the golf.

Golf-Related Degrees

There are colleges that offer degrees specifically for golf management. A great option is to attend a Florida golf school. In the sunshine state, you can play some of the most gorgeous courses in the country and get a degree that opens the door to dozens of career opportunities.