Features Not Needed in a Golf Bag

man carrying a golf bag

When you play golf, there are various things that you need to bring aside from the golf clubs and golf balls. This is why every golfer has a bag. Generally, golf bags are made of nylon, canvas, or other lightweight and waterproof materials that are specifically made for golfing. They are designed … Read more

What Materials Were Golf Clubs Made With Originally?

different golf clubs

Golf is one of the most interesting sports that you can play. It is also simple and involves only a few pieces of equipment for you to play. One of the most important that you need to have in order to play is a golf club, which is used to strike the … Read more

Golf Tournaments Every Golfer Hopes to Participate In

during a golf tournament

Golf is an interesting thing to learn for a lot of people. Like in other sports, tournaments are also one of the important revenue drivers at golf courses for a lot of reasons. It’s because tournaments offer the thrill of competition to every golf player, which amplifies the importance of every shot … Read more

What Is the Reason Golf GPS Units Are Used?

man playing golf

Playing golf confidently never feels so good. Being knowledgeable about every blade of a course provides players an immense feeling of accomplishment that resonates in your game. If you want to become more familiar when playing golf, using golf GPS can help you play on any course with total familiarity. With these … Read more

What Type of Grass is Best for Golf Courses?

golf ball in hole

In the game of golf, there are many factors that can affect the game, such as the clubs you use, the weather, and as well as the grass on the golf course. Specialists of grass are aware that different varieties have different effects. There are various types of grass for different climates. … Read more

Interesting Things to Know About Mini Golf

person playing mini-golf

One of the sports with unique and intriguing origins is miniature golf or mini-golf. Some also refer to it as crazy golf, mini putts, and midget golf. While it can consist of 9, 18, 27, or 36 holes, it only focuses on the same putting aspects as regular golf. The very first … Read more

Athletes with Unusual Golf Swings

golfer swinging the club

Golf is an interesting sport, but it is also quite strange and weird. There are golf athletes that have the most beautiful swings. Most of them had great careers and earned many wins in major championships. However, not all successful golf athletes have beautiful swings. There are also professional golf players that … Read more

The Beginnings of the Lowly Golf Tee

wooden golf tees

Golf tees are probably the humblest equipment used in golf. It is among the supporting equipment in the sport yet is essential to most golfers. It is the implement that supports that golf ball, raising it above the ground when the ball is played from the teeing ground. On tee shots, golfers … Read more