5 Golf Tips to Becoming a Better Golfer

Golf can be such an infuriating sport. In the middle of the round, frustration can mount, and you convince yourself you hate golf and that you will never play again. Then on the very next swing, you hit a perfect shot. Your swing was smooth and relaxed, contact was crisp and made an incredibly rewarding sound, and your ball landed on the green and settled just a few feet from the pin. That instant you went from hating golf and vowing never to play again to thinking about when you are going to get out on the golf course next.

That’s golf for the majority of people. A series of sub-par, frustration inducing shots, with a perfect shot sprinkled in here and there. But that doesn’t have to be your experience! If you commit to doing just a few things consistently and regularly, you can become the type of golfer where the good shots are the norm and the bad shots are the rarity, which drastically reduces the amount of frustration you deal with when playing. Below you will find five things that you can do that will improve your golf game dramatically.

Get the Right Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are filled with technology that can help players achieve a wide variety of results. There are clubs to help advance players spin the ball left or right in the air, or backwards for when it lands. There are clubs that can help intermediate players start to focus on more distance and control once they’ve learned to hit the ball cleanly consistently. And there are clubs that have maximum forgiveness and sweet spot size to help beginners to the sport learn how to hit that tiny little ball on the grass. Whatever level you are, do your research and make sure you get the right clubs for you. To find out more, check out this website.

Regularly Take a Golf Lesson

Golf lessons are expensive, but not that expensive. And taking one or two lessons a year (or more if you can afford it) can pay huge dividends. The best time to take a lesson is in the middle of the golf season. That way you have hit away the rust leftover from the off-season and you still have time to implement and work on the things the instructor tells you. Just make sure to take copious notes. Even record the session if your instructor permits. But make sure you don’t rely on your memory to reliably store the information you get during your lesson.

Get to the Driving Range

The driving range is an inexpensive activity that doesn’t have to take up more than 30 minutes of your day. But if you make a trip to the driving range part of your weekly (or more if you can) routine, it won’t cost you much by way of time or dollars, but you will see huge gains in your consistency. Each time you go, pick one or two similar clubs to hit balls with. One time spend 30 minutes using just your driver. The next time hit your 3-wood and 5-wood. The next hit your 9 and 8 iron. And so on. And rotate the clubs every time you go, ensuring you don’t leave any out. Give all of your clubs equal time at the range to make sure you don’t accidentally develop any weaknesses with specific clubs.  If you find you down time and don’t want to get bored check out great options like utan omsattningskrav and others to help pass the time.

Get out on the Golf Course

It should come as no surprise that you have to play golf to bet better at golfing. Everything changes when you’re hitting the ball from an actual tee box towards a target that matters compared to just hitting at the driving range. Also, there’s the added pressure of the people you are playing with watching you. These are things that you can absolutely get used to, to the point where they don’t affect you anymore, but you can always get cheap wayfarer sunglasses at Humps Optics to hide the feeling of being self-conscious while at the same time ensure your eyes get the needed protection and improve your vision, especially during a sunny day. Get out on the course as often as you can and try to recreate the shots you hit at the driving range.  If you have some downtime be sure to check out https://s-bobet.com as a great option.

Record Yourself While Golfing

Record yourself as often as you can. Have one of your playing companions record every shot every time you play a round of golf. Record every swing you take at the driving range or when you are practicing chipping and putting. You can learn a ton about your tendencies and weaknesses by actually observing them. Then you can obviously make the necessary adjustments. Recording yourself is one of the easiest ways to get feedback about what you are doing wrong when you slice the ball or hit the ball fat, or any other mistake you make. Take advantage of the incredible technology you have at your fingertips.


If you get some clubs that are right for your game, take at least one or two golf lessons every season, go to the driving range once a week, play rounds frequently, and record yourself often, your golfing will improve more in one season than most everyone else’s will in five years. Stick to these easy tips to improving at golf and be amazed at the results you achieve on the golf course!