A Look At How New Technology Is Transforming Golf In 2022

Exploring The Latest Technology & Innovations In Golf 

Though centuries old, the game of golf, like many popular sports, has experienced some of its biggest changes over the past 40 years. This is largely thanks to many new technologies, materials, and methods of manufacture, becoming steadily more available. Now, the marvels of modern-day tech is bringing huge improvements to both the game and players in exciting new ways. 

Augmented Reality Glasses

New augmented reality (AR) smart glasses are being designed and produced for golfers that can potentially bring huge benefits, and big changes, to the game. These smart glasses can be used to project useful info and visuals guides to golfers via a HUD or “heads up display” over their vision. 

Furthermore, it can be used to practice, or play entire virtual games, within your living room, back yard, or generally any location of your choosing. AR also provides far greater “situational awareness” than similar tech like virtual reality (VR), making it less likely to accidentally trip or break something while you are immersed in a game.

Home Golf Simulators

Another popular way to practice at home is via a home golf simulator. This could be a low-tech setup, such as a simple net enclosure to hit the ball into, or a mat to practice putting. 

The more hi-tech setups generally include screens to project the image of a golf course onto, providing greater immersion that rivals the incredible entertainment available at Black Lotus Casino. Some simulators may also include sensors that can track the ball and provide useful stats to help improve your game.

Smart Golf Balls & Clubs

Better golf balls and clubs that can be hit longer distances and with greater accuracy have been in continuous design and production over the years. New “smart” variety clubs and balls are now taking golf to the next level. 

Utilising imbedded sensors, they provide detailed and accurate tracking information. This includes the speed and flightpath of the ball, and where it’s landed on the course. Likewise, smart golf clubs can provide info about a golfers swing and where the ball made contact.

This data can be used to aid golfers in improving their game, finding stray balls on the course, and can also provide far better visual information for spectators at home during big, televised events.

Better Storage & Transport

Better golf bags, and transport around the course, are another aspect of golf that keeps improving. Golf bags have steadily become lighter and more portable, made to stand upright, and include handles and wheels. Golfers are also familiar with the common forms of transport around the course, such as carts and scooters. 

The GolfBoard, is a new type of stand-up electric scooter for getting around with even more convenience and fun than ever before. It includes 4-wheel drive control with enhanced handling, different speed options going up to 20 kph, GPS navigation, and a variety of other useful functions.

Moving Into The Future

In the years to come, a whole host of new gadgets and technologies will likely be introduced to golf. Some may prove to be gimmicks, though others will likely continue to transform the game for future generations.