Items Needed in Your Golf Bag When You Head to the Greens

Golf clubs aren’t the only items that you need before you go golfing, as there are also a variety of important items that you should have in your bag that will help you improve your skills, heal physical ailments, and keep track of the score while on the golf course. Here are some of the golfing and non-golfing items needed in your golf bag when you head to the greens. You can also check out to know the best online casinos in Australia this year.


If you are not holding it, the scorecard should always be in your bag. Scorecards are usually issued by the staff of the golf course, so once you receive it, you must make sure that you don’t lose it. You can store it in the front pocket of your bag, but if your pants have front pockets, you can also put it there for better access.

Extra Pencils

Much like the scorecards, pencils used to tally scores in the card are also issued by the golf course. But, as most of us already know by having dozens of pencils in our schoolbag, pencils tend to break pretty easily, so in case the course-issued pencil breaks, you must have one or more extra pencils in your bag. If you don’t want to bring pencils, you may also just bring a pencil sharpener to sharpen the broken course-issued pencil.

Wire Brush

Because the head of your golf club hits the ground way too often during a game, it often gets too dirty, and the dirt or mud stuck in it may decrease your accuracy in hitting the golf ball. Luckily, there is an item called a wire brush that you can use to brush or scrape away the dirt off the head of your golf club. Meanwhile, here is the link to the meilleur casino en ligne français we can recommend.

First Aid Kit

Accidents could usually happen on the golf course, and in case you get wounds from tripping over things or any other movements, you must have a first aid kit in your bag. First aid kits would have bandages that can seal the wound and a bottle of alcohol to disinfect it. Besides a first aid kit, you may also want to put a hand sanitizer in your bag since you will be touching a lot of grass and dirt on the golf course, and applying sanitizer is the best way to disinfect your hands.


A rangefinder will help you measure the distance between him or her and the flagstick, which is beneficial if the golfer wanted to improve his or her aim. In addition, it also allows golfers to play faster since they wouldn’t have to manually calculate the distance of the flagstick. Because of how helpful it is for golfing, the rangefinder is an essential item you need in your golf bag.

Plenty of Tees

Tees are needed to keep the golf ball in place before you hit it with your golf club at the starting point, and since there is a high chance you will also hit the tee during the process, that tee may get broken. If the tee breaks, you must have extra tees in your pocket or in your bag so that you will have another one in case you and your buddies want to play another round.

Extra Balls

If you have extra tees, then you also must have extra golf balls if ever your first ball gets lost during a round. There many brands of golf balls that you can buy in stores, but you should pick the one that is durable and has features that will help you improve your aim.

Ball Markers

Ball markers are needed whenever you would have to take the ball away from the green, and this usually happens when another golfer’s ball is going in the direction of where your ball is placed. So, if you are taking the ball away from the ground, you must place a thin ball marker on its location so that you will know where to place the ball after the other player is done with his or her turn. Golf courses would often have exclusive ball markers, so collecting them also serves as a badge that you have been to the golf course before.


Whenever it gets too windy or cold on the golf course, it is important that you have a jacket in your bag to prevent your body from chilling too much, as this motion would often make your hands shaky, and in turn, decrease your accuracy. A windbreaker may be enough to combat the wind or cold during the spring season, although you may need a thicker jacket if it gets too cold.


Whenever it is rainy or sunny, a trusty umbrella will help you protect yourself against harmful sunlight and rain. The umbrella that may fit in your golf bag is the compact type, which is the folding one that unravels by just a press of a button.

And, there you have it, some of the essential items that you need to bring and store inside your golf bag before heading to the golf course. The number of items that you could bring with it depends on the storage capacity of your bag, and to help you know more about the best bags in the market, you should take a look at our golf bag buying guide.