Golf And Other Sports To Participate In When You Have Physical Limitations

Just because your body can’t do all that it once could doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in sports or have a fun time getting some physical activity anymore. In fact, there are plenty of sports, like golf, that allow you to get the full experience all while requiring very little running, a lower heart rate, and smaller amounts of exertion.

If this is the type of experience that you’re looking for, here are three sports other than golf that you can participate in when you have physical limitations.

Disc Golf

A cousin of golf, disc golf is a similar sport but one that uses frisbees rather than golf balls and clubs.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, people of all ages and abilities can participate in disc golf. While you can use your whole body to get a good throw in, you can also use as little strength or dexterity as you’re able. As long as you’re able to walk in between the cups and throw something with a little bit of force, disc golf could be a great sport for you to try. Whether done on a team or recreationally, disc golf is a great way to either compete against others to get the best score or simply try to do better than you did the time before.

Shooting Sports

Another type of sport that generally requires very little movement is shooting sports. When done in the form of target practice, you’ll actually want to move as little as possible to ensure that you get an accurate shot. And according to Joe Rand, a contributor to, there are sport shooting competitions available for people to participate in.

If you’re looking for a little more physical activity, you can also take up hunting, which will have you out walking in order to find wild game. To get started with hunting, visit an online gun store and get your hunting license so you can legally use your firearm or other weapon for both target practice and actual hunting.

Get In The Water

For more movement as you participate in a sport, you may want to consider one of the many water sports available. In fact, if you do have a physical limitation or injury, being in the water could help considerably.

According to Runner’s World, swimming can help with things like nerve damage, building bone strength, toning up muscles, and be a way to actively stretch. So if you’re needing any of these outcomes while doing something fun, enjoyable, and competitive, water sports could be the thing for you.

If you’re wanting to try more passive sports than just golf, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find out which options might work with your physical limitations. We also provide some tips on how to keep yourself hydrated while playing golf for an extended period of time.

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