Unusual Golf Swings

Jim Furyk swinging a golf club

Golfing is a complex sport. There’s no one right way to hit a golf ball, but you just know when a swing was weird or not. But it doesn’t always mean that when it’s weird, it’s bad. Some unusual swings were successful, some were not, but if you’re a golf fan, all … Read more

5 Golf Tips to Becoming a Better Golfer

better golfer

Golf can be such an infuriating sport. In the middle of the round, frustration can mount, and you convince yourself you hate golf and that you will never play again. Then on the very next swing, you hit a perfect shot. Your swing was smooth and relaxed, contact was crisp and made … Read more

Awaydays: How to make the most from other courses

In some ways, golf is like football. The home team usually has the advantage. One could argue that the advantage is even more significant. You know all of the hacks to get around each hole more strategically, and this means that you are always going to hold the upper hand over someone … Read more

10 amazing golf facts you never knew

Even if you’re the most hardcore golf player and watcher — which if you’re on this site, you probably are  — it’s frankly impossible to know every single thing about the sport. Welp, we’re here to remind you about 10 of them. Let’s get started: 1. Only two sports have ever been … Read more


The big dog is the one club in the bag that golfers dream of smashing ever longer and straighter, as evidenced at nearly every driving range on the planet. So it begs the question: is there anything more anticipated in golf than the release of a new driver? Drivers tend to hog … Read more