Luxury watches for golf lovers- Should You Wear or Not?

Warm weather is golfing weather. People course regularly, the prep is rote. Most of the golf courses have a standard dress code that is slacks or long shorts, collared shirts, turtlenecks, and golf shoes. Now what about a watch? Keep in consideration that the watch lovers have to contend with this dilemma that should you wear a watch while golfing. Opinions on the subject are different and the consensus being that it probably doesn’t hurt.

Factors to Consider

For the watch, there is risk of shock to the movement and loosening of parts. We have heard about golfers who have come down from a swing in order to discover their watch.

You may also forgo the watch because of how it may negatively affect your swing. Heavier watches feel awkward and throw off follow-through if you are not used to it. Moreover, if you wear your watch loose, it moves around too much as well as impact your swing that way.

However, you can still wear a watch in a gold play. You should approach your wrist game with caution. If your watch starts to lose time, it is because you are playing too much golf. Professional golfers don’t tend to wear watches. However, super lightweight watch such as UR-100 is significantly designed to be worn on the golf course.

You Should You Look in a Gold Watch

The track shot distance feature allow you track the distance of that specific golf shot. For example, you had click on begin on the watch, then hit your tee shot. Then you had driven to your golf ball when you get up to it. Now click on the end on the watch. After that, calculate the overall distance between your start and end point. In this way, you will get to know that how far you just hit your club. This is helpful for learning the golf club distances.

In the old days you had to have to connect your golf watch to the computer and manually download lists the courses. However, the modern golf watches come pre-loaded with 30,000 to 45,000 golf courses globally.  It is fascinating to know that some of these watches automatically update as well when connected to wi-fi other others will auto-update on their own without any need of wi-fi connectivity.

Most of the gold watches come with the called auto-course recognition. It uses GPS in order to locate which golf course you are playing as well as automatically pulls it up. In this way, you can start off the round without having to manually search the course.

Along with this, the green mapping in gold watches allow you to see the actual shape of the green. It is very especially in situations where you are far away from the green as well as want to see where you have to be aiming. Green mapping help you learn how wide the green is with depth of the green.