Guide to the Technology Behind the Golf Clubs

how golf clubs are made

A golf club is a piece of essential equipment to play golf. After all, you cannot hit a golf ball without a golf club. The evolution of golf clubs is pretty interesting because you get to know the difference about how they have been made since golf was born and what types … Read more

Guide to the Technology Behind the Golf Ball

how golf balls are made

Many sports require a particular type of ball. A golf ball is a ball designed for the game of golf. According to the standard golf rules, the mass of a golf ball should not exceed 1.620 ounces (or 45.93 grams), a diameter that should not be less than 1.680 inches (or 42.67 … Read more

Training at an Adult Sports Camp

Like in love, “age doesn’t matter” in golf. You can learn how to play golf, no matter how old you are. And no matter what your skill level is, you and everyone else are welcome to play golf.  As long as you have a passion for the sport, that will be a … Read more

Sending Your Child to a Golf Camp

Let’s face it – there are a significant number of summer camps these days, so, understandably, parents may feel a little too overwhelmed when choosing a summer camp for their children. But they do not have to feel that way. Each child has his or her interests and talents, so picking the … Read more

Is Golf Camp Right for Your Young Golfer?

Have you noticed that your child has begun to show signs of interest in golf? He or she may be incessantly watching a lot of golf tournaments on the TV or golf tutorials on YouTube. Then, he or she has expressed a more active interest in golf by actually taking up the … Read more

How Ladies’ Golf Clubs Differ from Men’s

A few decades ago, golf was considered a predominantly male’s sport. There were a few emerging women golfers, but they were not taken quite seriously. The paucity of women golfers meant that companies did not have the time, nor the readiness, to think about golf equipment created explicitly for them. If a … Read more

Finding for the Best Golf Camp in Your State

Are you looking for a better way for your child to spend their out-of-school break? If he or she is interested in golf in particular, you may enroll him or her in a golf camp.  The good news is that no matter your child’s age or skill level is, there are golf … Read more

SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS Watch

The SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS Watch packs a heap of features and functions that will help every golfer be at his best in his game. It is a GPS watch that connects to an app on your mobile device to transform into a handheld GPS. It also utilizes tags (called “SmartTags”) to … Read more