Unique Golf Courses of the World

Lord Howe Golf Course

Anyone who loves golf and appreciates the game has created a bucket list of the golf courses they want to go to. There are many luxury golf resorts out there that offer many relaxing services other than playing golf, but for hardcore golfers, they want to try unique courses. If unconventional awesome … Read more

Golf Holes with Unusual Features

TPC Sawgrass’s 17th hole

Golf courses, unlike swimming pools and basketball courts, are like snowflakes – no two are the same. Golf is a refined and sophisticated sport, and the golf course is prestigious and unique. And while many golf courses have similar holes, similar features, and trademark designs, some beg to differ. Here are some … Read more

Unusual Golf Swings

Jim Furyk swinging a golf club

Golfing is a complex sport. There’s no one right way to hit a golf ball, but you just know when a swing was weird or not. But it doesn’t always mean that when it’s weird, it’s bad. Some unusual swings were successful, some were not, but if you’re a golf fan, all … Read more

5 Golf Tips to Becoming a Better Golfer

better golfer

Golf can be such an infuriating sport. In the middle of the round, frustration can mount, and you convince yourself you hate golf and that you will never play again. Then on the very next swing, you hit a perfect shot. Your swing was smooth and relaxed, contact was crisp and made … Read more

The History of the Golf Tee

history of the golf tee

Have you imagined that a thing as “trivial” as a golf tee has a much more interesting history that we might perceive? The truth is – golf tees are anything but trivial. Without the golf tee, you cannot make longer and more accurate drives. It may be a simple piece of golfing … Read more

Awaydays: How to make the most from other courses

In some ways, golf is like football. The home team usually has the advantage. One could argue that the advantage is even more significant. You know all of the hacks to get around each hole more strategically, and this means that you are always going to hold the upper hand over someone … Read more

Guide to the Technology Behind the Golf Clubs

how golf clubs are made

A golf club is a piece of essential equipment to play golf. After all, you cannot hit a golf ball without a golf club. The evolution of golf clubs is pretty interesting because you get to know the difference about how they have been made since golf was born and what types … Read more

Guide to the Technology Behind the Golf Ball

how golf balls are made

Many sports require a particular type of ball. A golf ball is a ball designed for the game of golf. According to the standard golf rules, the mass of a golf ball should not exceed 1.620 ounces (or 45.93 grams), a diameter that should not be less than 1.680 inches (or 42.67 … Read more