Luxury watches for golf lovers- Should You Wear or Not?

Luxury watches for golf lovers- Should You Wear or Not

Warm weather is golfing weather. People course regularly, the prep is rote. Most of the golf courses have a standard dress code that is slacks or long shorts, collared shirts, turtlenecks, and golf shoes. Now what about a watch? Keep in consideration that the watch lovers have to contend with this dilemma … Read more

5 Great Reasons to Play Golf

Golfing Tips For Seniors

Golf is an extremely popular sport for a very good reason. In fact, it’s one of the most popular sports out there. Beyond mental benefits, there are plenty of physical benefits that come from golf as well. Here are a few great reasons why you should consider taking up this popular sport … Read more

Golfing Tips For Seniors

Golfing Tips For Seniors

Golf is a great way to keep your body moving as you age.  The sport is relatively low impact, and you don’t have a huge chance of getting injured.  Golf can be a social experience, or not, depending on what you prefer.   It’s also a great way to get some time outdoors … Read more

How Golf Courses Keep Their Fairways Green

A Green Fairway 

Golf courses put a lot of effort into maintaining the playing fields and keeping them green and healthy year-round, no matter the weather. During different weathers, the golf course is at risk of being exposed to snow to being soaked to facing drought, which damages the grass, leaving the fairway dry and … Read more

How to Plan the Ultimate Golf Vacation

How to Plan the Ultimate Golf Vacation

Since the 1st century BC, we have been in love with golf…or golf-like games, so much so that we have dedicated entire trips to the sport. The golf vacation is the ultimate sports trip for the golf enthusiast, and we are going to show you just what to do to plan an … Read more

Facts about Synthetic Putting Greens

Putting greens

Synthetic turf or putting greens is artificial grass used for covering the ground as a substitute for real grass. This artificial grass can perform the same function like natural grass. On synthetic putting greens, golfers can play in any weather condition at any time of the year. Over the past few years, … Read more

How to Build Your Own Putting Green?

golf balls on putting green

Having a personal putting green is a dream of every golfer, but a myth, that only a rich person can have a putting green of his own has held many golfers back from getting their own putting green. But what if we tell you that all you need is a lawn or … Read more