What is a Golf Club Fitting and What Is Its Importance?

Golf Club fitting

Are you curious about the significance of a golf club fitting and whether it’s worth considering? If you’ve been considering these inquiries, you’re in the appropriate spot. Golf is a sport that’s no stranger to debates, and one hot topic is custom-fit golf clubs. People have different opinions, but there are clear … Read more

How to Choose the Right Golf Club

A set of new golf clubs on a beautiful golf course

Selecting gear as a beginner in any sport can be quite challenging, especially so with a sport like golf. There are numerous terminologies to familiarize yourself with, not to mention navigating through a wide array of club options to find the ones that will help refine your technique and enhance your learning … Read more

Can a Golf Mat Improve Your Game?

Man playing golf at golf range

In your own practice sessions, golf mats are undoubtedly a regular. Golf mats are much more common at the driving range these days. Since mat quality is improving, switching from turf to mat is a no-brainer. Additionally, turf tends to be more expensive to maintain. A mat might play a significant role … Read more

Should You Use One Brand of Golf Clubs?

Golf Clubs

Let’s be clear about one thing: golf clubs do not generally need to be of the same brand. It is more crucial to maintain consistency in other club aspects, including the shaft, length, and lie angle, rather than focusing on brand matching, which is an expensive approach. The primary consideration for all … Read more

Hybrid Golf Clubs, Their Differences, & When You Should Use Them

Golfer preparing a shot

A Brief Guide To Hybrid Golf Clubs & Their Uses The first company to ever make a hybrid club was Cobra Baffler, back in 1975. Since then, they have evolved to become what many golfers consider to be an essential part of their toolset. With an innovative design, sturdy modern materials and … Read more

Using the FairwayPro Golf Mat System to Practice at Home

a golf driving range

Just like in any game or sport, to get better at golf, you need to practice a lot. When you regularly practice golf, you can work on your short and long game and even on your putting. However, the struggle with this sport is that it can be challenging to find the … Read more

Features Not Needed in a Golf Bag

man carrying a golf bag

When you play golf, there are various things that you need to bring aside from the golf clubs and golf balls. This is why every golfer has a bag. Generally, golf bags are made of nylon, canvas, or other lightweight and waterproof materials that are specifically made for golfing. They are designed … Read more

What Materials Were Golf Clubs Made With Originally?

different golf clubs

Golf is one of the most interesting sports that you can play. It is also simple and involves only a few pieces of equipment for you to play. One of the most important that you need to have in order to play is a golf club, which is used to strike the … Read more