What Do the Numbers on Golf Clubs Mean?

Golf is certainly not an easy sport. This game is played with lots of science, especially when it comes to finding or using the exact golf clubs that are fitting for each shot on the course. If you are an amateur or a newcomer to this type of sport, you may be … Read more

Why Should You Put Covers on Your Golf Clubs?

Golf club head covers

Those amateurs to the game of golf may be having a hard time thinking about different things surrounding the sport. From the unique game rules to the attire and the luxury of the game, newbies of the sport may find golf difficult. Putting a cover to the golf clubs may look like … Read more

The Benefits of Hand-Held Range Finders for Golf

The Benefits of Hand-Held Range Finders for Golf

Take your golf to a new level with the best golf rangefinder. Don’t believe us. A handheld range finder can help estimate your distance to make that accurate shot. The estimation improves your game, letting you know how hard you should hit your ball. You can find two types, a laser and … Read more

Picking the Right Golfing Equipment

Picking the Right Golfing Equipment

We all want to up our golf game and to do so means having the right equipment at all times. Whether it’s the right set of clubs, a good golf bag, the right gloves to improve our grip, or even making sure we have a golf cart handy for traversing the full … Read more

Reasons to Wear Polyester for Golf Shirts

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Golfing is a fun sport, but there are certain aspects of the sport that would make it a hassle to play, and these aspects include not having good quality equipment and even not wearing the right clothes. In terms of clothes, golfers can wear what feels comfortable for them, but as many … Read more

Differences Between Garmin and Bushnell GPS Devices

golf swing

If you have already been looking for the most suitable golf GPS device for your playstyle and skill level, then you probably already know that there are dozens of different models and brands of GPS devices for golfing to choose from. Because there are many choices, people would often have a difficult … Read more

GolfBuddy WTX – What Is It and What Is the Battery Life?

a golfer performing a golf swing

There are dozens of different models of golf GPS devices out there, but there are only a few that are considered to be the best at providing the nifty features of a golf GPS, such as measuring the golf course and giving proper distances to help golfers improve their skills. One of … Read more

How Golf Rangefinder Comparisons Ensure You Get What You Want

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Golf rangefinders are becoming quite popular nowadays, as the gadgets have several unique benefits that help golfers improve their skills or just speed up the game on the golf course. The golf rangefinder is used to measure distances, but there is more to it than that features. So, to help you know … Read more