Is There a Difference Between a Golf Bag and Staff Bag?

a golfing carry bag near two baskets filled with golf balls

Golfing would surely be a hassle and not fun to play if you don’t have a bag where you can store different golf clubs and other items. Because the bag is so important for golfers nowadays, it is regarded to be one of the most important pieces of golfing equipment needed before … Read more

Rangefinders – Does Cost Mean Better Quality?

Rangefinders Does Cost Mean Better Quality

Rangefinders are a must-have among hunting enthusiasts and golfers, as it can help in measuring distances and make it a lot easier. There are different gold rangefinder brands, and each of the brands has dozens of different models. They all do fulfill a single purpose, but if you have tried shopping for … Read more

Guide to the Technology Behind the Golf Clubs

how golf clubs are made

A golf club is a piece of essential equipment to play golf. After all, you cannot hit a golf ball without a golf club. The evolution of golf clubs is pretty interesting because you get to know the difference about how they have been made since golf was born and what types … Read more

Guide to the Technology Behind the Golf Ball

how golf balls are made

Many sports require a particular type of ball. A golf ball is a ball designed for the game of golf. According to the standard golf rules, the mass of a golf ball should not exceed 1.620 ounces (or 45.93 grams), a diameter that should not be less than 1.680 inches (or 42.67 … Read more

How Laser Rangefinders Help a Golfer

Golf laser rangefinders are not just accessories – they have also become one of the essential gadgets that every golfer should have. It is somewhat surprising that a lot of golfers still ask whether or not they need a golf laser rangefinder. Or, whether or not it is “ethical” to use it … Read more

How Ladies’ Golf Clubs Differ from Men’s

A few decades ago, golf was considered a predominantly male’s sport. There were a few emerging women golfers, but they were not taken quite seriously. The paucity of women golfers meant that companies did not have the time, nor the readiness, to think about golf equipment created explicitly for them. If a … Read more

Does the Brand of Golf Tee Matter?

A tee may be used in many sports such as golf, rugby, and American football. However, this word is mostly associated with golf. In fact, there’s a phrase called “tee off,” which means to start a round or hole of golf. A tee is a stand where a stationary ball is placed … Read more

SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS Watch

The SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS Watch packs a heap of features and functions that will help every golfer be at his best in his game. It is a GPS watch that connects to an app on your mobile device to transform into a handheld GPS. It also utilizes tags (called “SmartTags”) to … Read more

Best Golf Bags for the Weekend Golfer

For every golfer, he cannot be at his best without his essentials – the best golf balls and the best golf clubs. And he cannot carry around these essentials on the course without his dependable golf bag. A golf bag is every golfer’s best companion. It keeps his precious equipment safe. It … Read more

Favorite Golf Balls among the Pros

If you think that all golf balls are made equally, you’re definitely wrong! Appearances belie the significant differences among several golf balls. There are golf balls made specially for beginner and senior golfers, while there are other golf balls that are made for the pros. And the latter is what this article … Read more